Having a rough night

Hi, I have no question - just on my own and having one of those rotton nights. I don’t have MS, I posted a couple of days ago how I had 2 MRI’s which showed lesions but third one was clear so got discharged. Intending to make another appointment though as symptoms of weak legs and pins and needles are still coming and going three years later.

I am having an awful night though. Legs are in tatters and I haven’t moved from the sofa since the children went to bed. I am a single mum and just praying that it improves before the morning. Slept for a couple of hours this afternoon and a couple of hours this evening and still feel rough.

Just wish the neuro who discharged me with a smile could see me now. It’s not always this bad but tonight is a corker.

B x

Evenings are often the worst time for symptoms. The day’s activities take their toll and, because we’re less distracted, our brain has the chance to pay far too much attention to it all and makes everything feel worse :frowning: I hope you’re feeling better this morning. Karen x

It appears I was in a moaning mood last night!! Sorry, lol. But thanks Karen. Today is better. I will now stop moaning!!!

B x