Emotional wreck tonight

cavaliers3 wrote:

It may not be MS if it is it is likely to be a rare form, more likely to be a rare genetic degererative may be metabolic disease. Am going to be admitted for further investigation probably with multi discipline team, ms expert, genetacist amongst others, my sister came with me, neurologist checked her legs and she may have a mild form and suggested, she got her GP to refer her to him, for further investigation. Its even possible that my mum didn’t have MS. I asked what would happen again like MS there would be no cure, but symptoms could be treated and progression may be slowed. Not sure what to think, something to get my head round i guess. At least they will get to the bottom of it.

Emotional melt down and can’t sleep can;t stop crying, they rang today have date to go in for further tests.

I am so scared, and feel so alone, thought i’d got my head round it till now. Had put the defenses up, everythings fine, no problem, will face what ever comes. If I’m like this now what will I be like when I go in.

And to be honest I am on my own, and I can’t trust people

I’ve just responded on the other thread. Hope you’ve managed to get some sleep xx

I know it’s a shock to get a dx of any sort and that things are still a bit up in the air. However, it would be great if your problem turned out to be treatable. I understand how scared and isolated you feel - it’s a normal response to what is happening to you and suddenly your whole situation has become more real. Just remember that we are here to rant at and are happy to listen. I am sorry that you feel unable to trust anyone. Take it day-by-day you will get through! Teresa xx

Just replied on your other thread too. Hang in there x