In tears but hopeful

Well I started this week saying that I was going back to the doctors today. The Practice has been so busy that my case conference hasn’t happened. I tried to hold back the tears, I was so disappointed. My doctor is genuinely worried about me and is referring me back to the neurologist. She is still very concerned about my falls and stumbles, in her mind all my other symptoms, spasms, tingling, buzzing etc., whilst problematic don’t put me at the same risks that falling does. She is also going to refer me to a neurphysiologist who will be able to assess my gait and see whether anything else is contributing to the falls. She is still going to have the case conference with her colleagues and will call me after this happened. Not sure whether my current treatments will change but I remain hopeful that whether ms is ever diagnosed or not, everything is being done to help me find some answers. LouLou x

Hi Loulou, so disappointing for you, so sorry, must be really frustrating.

Your Gp sounds geat though and hopefully he’ll get things on the right track towards diagnosis,

Sending hugs ((())) xx