In tears this morning

I just need to cry. I feel so frustrated. Yet another appointment that agrees I have fibromyalgia but the symptoms are more like ms. However, no lesions no ms diagnosis. The tears aren’t for that it is the frustration that there are no answers to some of the symptoms. The spasms that could be clearly seen and the clonus in my leg, what are they about???. Also, as I knew would happen my left leg that went into spasm during the exam it is so painful that I can barely stand on it this morning. I can’t ring in sick, as I don’t want to draw more attention to myself. I am already under occupational health to see if I can do my job. I have to wait for a letter to get back to my doctor then I can increase the pregabalin, go back on baclofen and then reintroduce duloxetine. I know that at least the symptoms should ease but it is likely that I will continue to split opinion as to what is causing me so many issues. Hope all have a good day. Lou x

Oh Lou, I do feel for you. Having a host of unpleasant symptoms that impact on everyday life is worrying and upsetting at the best of times…having to put up with nobody being able to agree on a diagnosis is just so frustrating and upsetting. I wish I could wave a magic wand and sort it all out for you, but unfortunately I can’t. This is typical with neurological symptoms as they are so difficult to diagnose. Isn’t there any way you can take today off? Let’s hope you can start on the increased medication from your GP very soon…hopefully that will improve things. Sending big hugs. Stay strong, and be good to yourself xxxxxx

Hello Lou I don’t know what tests you’ve had done. If you strongly feel it’s a Neuro type problem, then persevere with a diagnosis. What I will say is. Spinal scans can miss showing small lesions due to the shape of the spine. Have you had this type of discussion with a Neuro? Take care xx

We’ve been there hunni, it’s the frustration and having to fight your corner. It gets tiring, but you can do it. I agree with purple dot …have the day off and relax a bit. Maybe you could make a few calls if you’re up to it, or if someone else could make those calls for you? I’d ask your doc to refer you for a second opinion, the people you’re seeing sound like they are blinkered to all your symptoms. I’m no expert, and others will correct me if I’m wrong here, but that’s what I’d do. Keep strong. You can get through this xxxxx

Hi thanks for the comments. I am waiting to see the neuro, may be I will get chance to tackle some issues. At least ms has now been mentioned. I am still struggling with my left leg and foot going to spasm after Wednesdays appointment, so I am stuck in bed yet again. I had a frank discussion with my manager and they have agreed that I can have an extended holiday next week. We have booked a late deal and we are going away, if I don’t take a break I think I will crack up. Goodness knows where I start with the insurance. If I fall, which is higly likely I won’t be covered. Lets hope I come back more positive. Lou x

I could cry for you Lou, I can feel your frustration. Go away and try to give you body and mind a break. Do your best to have a lovely time. ((((((hugs))))))

I agree,some lesions are missed. I think it all depends on what kind of MRI they do. And I can’t remember which one is the strongest one. There’s someone on here who is really clued up on all the MRI stuff, but. I can’t remember who it is! My head is useless today! Keep your chin up Hun, one day you will get to the bottom of this. Bad days are hard to get through, but you will get through it. Big hugs to you xxx

Ah, didn’t read your latest post…holiday! Brilliant. Enjoy it and have a lovely relaxing time xx