Has Anyone Shopped on BetterLife online?

Goodmorning my FAMILY...

Ive just been looking for ramps and a 7 ft one costs a fortune.Then smaller ones of wich I would need two sets are £105-00 each set.It is shocking how much they sell for.

I just searched the BetterLife website and they have a sale on however the smaller ramps appear out of stock,typical.

But I just ordered a 7 ft suitcase ramp that I realy needed.£108-00 with next day delivery of £7-99....

Are these ramps longer lasting do you know?

Plus do you think I had a bargain?

I love the internet I so do...

Have a great day.



Hello ive used better life but i have found a better web page just google completecareshop looks like they have six foot ramp 139 pounds........margaret

I got a 7 ft ramp for less than £120-00 with next day delivery...

Sounds like something for loading luggage on a plane!

I have two very large steps at my front door,the leangth of ramp I needed for safety to was 7 feet.

My side door would of been easier but the turning point is very very tight.

Well its been dispached and BetterLife seem to have cheaper electric wheelchairs and other aides cheaper than most places.