Has anyone had these symptoms?

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My husband, my daughter and I all have MS. We have all had a range of symptoms that seem to be the norm. I’m intrigued to know if some of the symptoms my daughter has been experiencing are caused by MS. Neither my husband nor I have experienced this and I was just wondering whether anyone else can relate to this. My daughter, who’s 22 this year, has experienced this for many years so don’t know whether or not it is MS related. Every now and again, she gets strange deja vu feelings and then feels nauseous and spaced out. She has experienced this since she was a young girl. Today, however, while talking to me about how her day had gone she randomly added a few words that were not in context with the conversation. It worried me a bit and I said “what are you on about?” I had to explain to her that she had added these random words. She cant remember saying them and had no explanation as to why she would have said them. She explained earlier on that she had been experiencing the deja vu feelings and feeling sick. Within a space of a 2 minute conversation she had added random words 3 times. She worried me and I took her outside into the garden for some fresh air. Can anyone else relate to this. Im assuming that its a lost connection between the brain signals due to the myelin damage that may occasionally be occurring. She leads a normal life, is not immobile, has a part time job and just finished a college course so is pretty busy. I’m intrigued. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I welcome any comments. Thanks. Kath

Hi Kath

I occasionally get the deja vu feeling and it spins me out for a few minutes, it makes me feel anxious and uneasy. I can relate to that part.


I haven’t experienced this, although I do sometimes feel as though some kind of shift is happening to my brain. Has this been discussed with her MS Nurse or Neurologist? Sometimes we blame MS for everything and it isn’t always the case. It’s better to err on the cautious side with matters like this.

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Hi Kath, yes, get it quite frequently, get words mixed up, make no sense whatsoever + get strange deja vue feelings and feel nauseous and spaced out. However the Ms is not affecting my movements, walking etc. Invisible to the outside word cognitive damage can be equally disabling and difficult to deal with.

3 members in one family - that must e really difficult! best wishes, gingerlil

I suspect that your daughter had been affected temporarily by the weather and that a loss of oxygen to her brain (cerebral hypoxia) had caused her to be in a state of unawareness, maybe for a few hours. Taking her out into the garden for some fresh air is only part of the method of combat. She needs to inhale the fresh air deeply so that her lungs are expanded. This will allow her to get more oxygen into her blood during sleep.

Thank you so much for your comments. It has put my mind at rest to hear your views and explanations. I will definitely suggest she contacts her MS nurse to discuss this with her. She seems so much better this evening and hasn’t mentioned any more symptoms or episodes of the deja vu feelings but has gone to bed early as she’s feeling more tired than usual.Thanks again xx

I’ve not had deja vu - at least, no more than the average person without MS, who’s probably experienced it one or two times.

I very occasionally get its opposite, called “jamais vu” (never seen) - where a familiar place or surroundings suddenly seem completely unknown.

I once had it on a very familiar bus trip, and started to panic, as I was convinced I must have got the wrong bus by accident, or that it was taking an unauthorised diversion - but no passenger but me seemed fazed, so I decided to sit tight and not reveal myself as a loony, and hope we would eventually get back somewhere I recognised - which we did.

The fact no other passenger seemed surprised or bothered, and I did still end up where I was supposed to be going makes me think the bus hadn’t made a diversion at all, and something temporarily went wrong with my processing, which meant I failed to recognise part of the route.


Hi i have similar but i am now diagnosed with Transient Epileptic Amnesia. I can phase out, stand and talk to my hubby and repeat words or conversation several times not knowing i have done it, and just suddenly come out of it not remembering. Also i can type things with words that have no context to what i am writing about.

It can last for a few seconds or for me longer. Now i am not saying its TEA, no way, but any space out should be checked and not always put down to MS. TEA is not serious, its just rare and annoying. At the start of one i feel incredibly sick.

The De ja vu i feel is when i have had an episode and forgotten about it, then do something similar and in my brain it has some sort of memory of this occuring before its very odd feeling.

I think she should see her neurologist over this to make sure other things are not going on, like i said its not serious for me, just annoying as i do forget things, but that might not be the case with her. Funny enough when i was a child i used to experience De ja vu feelings, odd isnt it. Not diagnosed until recently way into my fifties.

Anyway Kath i would get her checked out hun. Just to be sure.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I did google it before and it mentioned it could be a very slight epileptic episode. I sort of dismissed it as that as it didn’t seem like that with my daughter and assumed it could be to do with her MS. I’m definitely going to encourage her to see her neurologist about this. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences xx

Hi, my name is Roxanne and I have extreme genetic markers for MS in my family. My mother passed away from complications as well as my aunt on my father’s side. My little sister also has MS. I get what you’re going through. In response to your daughters problem, I have also experienced intense deja vu with nausea following. I know this can happen when you have lesions on your left frontal lobe

That’s a seizure…i have epilepsy and I recognise this as a seizure. Google it…deja vu nausea…

Possibly. Also known as Petit Mal or Absences. My daughter had it until she grew out of it during puberty years ago.

Hi Kath,

I cannot comment on the symptoms but I am intrigued by what Observer72 wrote.

Recently, I have begun Tai Chi, and breathing exercises are part of the warm-up process. It has made quite a difference to me. I feel less stressed and better able to carry out cogitative tasks.

This is basic yoga as well. Anything that reduces stress and tension has got to be a good thing.

I know that might sound odd, but I think that we forgot how to relax and breath properly somewhere in the last century.

All the best,


That’s true those symptoms also show with temporal lobe epilepsy


Tried to reply with further update of the situation and every time I tried to post it came up with an error notification. Anyone else had problems?

2 months after this incident my daughter had a night time seizure in bed. No shaking as seen in some epileptic fits but a choking sound. We thought she was choking in her sleep (luckily her boyfriend alerted us) She was totally unaware of what had happened and very vague for about 5 or 10 minutes. Trip to a&e confirmed it was a seizure. Follow up appointment a week later confirmed that the deja vu feelings were in fact the aura that some people experience prior to a fit. Neurologist said it was complex partial epilepsy and it is from a lesion in her temporal lobe. Shes on medication now and there have been no further occurences.

Thank you for all your comments and advice xx

I have MS and many years ago had deju vu experiences like you describe. It may be A precursor to seizures. I suggest you look on websites that describe seizures or epilepsy. They describe just what you are describing. Recently I had a grand maul seizure which is really disabled me. Had I known I could’ve had seizure medication and probably avoided this.

I’d go with more epilepsy too I’m Afraid … sounds so like absence seizures …

HiI have had MS for 16 years. During this time I have always had episodes, if you wish to call them that, which start with da ja voue/memories or very intense flashbacks that I cannot pinpoint. These cause me to panic, be nauseous and lost in thought. I’m shaky and words are hard to get out at times. I’m terrified everytime this happens. It literally drains me. I’ve never told my nuerologist about this for fear of it being look at as made up. Since yesterday evening to right now, ive experienced 12 episodes. I’m afraid to relax or go to sleep. So glad to hear there are others with MS experiencing very similar if not identical experiences.