My symptoms - Anyone had similar?

Hi everyone, So, i’ve not been diagnosed with MS but i’ve had many symptoms in the past few years that seem to be getting progressively worse. I have been reading up on what it could be (Bit of a dangerous game I know) and 90% of my symptoms match up to either MS or M.E/CFS. I will list my symptoms here, if anyone has had similar ones, could they please share as it would be interesting to see if they match up to people who have been diagnosed with MS. Lack of coordination Problems with walking that gets worse if i’m tired of stressed. I sway a bit, trip and bump into doorways, desks etc… Extremely tired all of the time. Doesn’t seem to matter how much I sleep. Blurred vision, especially worse at night, halo’s around lights Muscle twitches EVERYWHERE, on a daily basis. Seems to be worse in my legs though. Speech difficulties that vary each day. Some days my speech is very mumbly and hard to understand and other days it’s not quite as bad but it still isn’t great. My neck cracks a lot and I have pain there. Numbness and tingling in my hands and face. Again though, it varies and sone days are worse than others. My memory is poor lately, I forget things a lot. I also get hot very quickly and usually need a fan on me when I sleep. I sweat far too easily. I have been diagnosed with depression (who wouldn’t be depressed with all those symptoms) but the doctors seem to always rule out sending me for MRI’s or other tests to rule out MS. My symptoms have been getting worse in the last few months though. I am going to go back to the doctor about it and see what they can do. It drives me mad when I feel off balance as soon as I get up and start walking. It makes me not want to leave the house. I always force myself though, otherwise I would lose my job!

Those symptoms could indicate many things, not just CFS or MS.

has your GP done any blood tests?

Hi Harebell, Yes, they ran blood tests and everything came back within their ranges. I wanted them to rule out something like MS but they said there was no need.

Ok in which case I would ask to be referred to neurology. Hang in there.

Yes, I’m going to ask for that and keep my fingers crossed! The symptoms really alarm me and i’m very worried about them. I try not to think about them but it’s almost impossible not to!