Has anyone ever been invited to be questioned by a panel of medical students about their MS?

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I returned home after a whirlwind few weeks celebrating my 60th birthday followed by a break away, to find a letter inviting me to sit with a panel of medical students in my local hospital this coming Tuesday. I agreed to do this and can take my husband along but don’t really know what to expect. I’d prefer to go knowing what kind of things I’ll be asked or whether I’ll be undergoing a neuro examination, so was wondering if anyone else has ever done this and what kind of things were you asked?

Thanks in advance

Eiona :slight_smile:

Some time ago I was asked by my GP if I would mind talking to some medical students at the surgery.

I don’t know if it is the same thing, but I just sat in one of the rooms and spoke to two students about how MS affects me and when they left they asked if I would mind talking to another two students.

I think the whole thing took about an hour.

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Hi Last week I attended a local clinic to be a ‘test’ patient for junior docs undergoing mock exams in preparation for their final year exams. I have done this for the last 9 years. I was asked questions about my symptoms and had tests done before the docs gave their findings to an expert. I could not disclose my illness by name. The tests were finger touching nose, run foot down leg etc. The nice thing I was paid for my time. It may be similar. Regards Neil

Thanks everyone for your input

And Neil - no payment except that I get to talk over an informal lunch they’re putting on. I’ve a habit of choking on food so that could prove to be interesting to say the least :wink: - and one of the reasons my hubby gets to come with me.


prynhawn da Eiona - cyfarchion gan Gymro o ochr arall Clawdd Offa.

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