Students ... being involved with their training

Hi everyone. I hope this is ok, as I thought this would be a great place to ask advice. After several years of hiding away from my old life as an Occupational Therapist I somehow have become involved with a training course for health students . I have to say … I have been very brave and used my brain ( very shocked it still worked !!) and completed a couple of talks to students about ms and stuff you don’t read in the books.

So I have been asked to think about how ’ services user’ / ’ patients’ or whatever we are referred to as these days could be involved with students training on placements . I started thinking about my experiences as a student, then being monitored/ assessed / observed by a student and just thought I would ask everyone else about their experiences or what you think about it.

I came to the conclusion that the student is there to train as a nurse, ot, physio, social worker but reason the student is there is for the person so surely that person should be involved with the feedback to their learning/ actions or what they should learn etc.

There are so many tick boxes etc that surely the person who is benefiting ( well hopefully) from the student should say … Well they need to improve on or learn about that …etc.

Any ideas, thoughts, experiences ??? I would be grateful for your opinions.

Take care everyone xxx

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hi lexi

good idea to be involved in students’ training.

i’ll try to come up with ideas (not just now because i’ve been out boozing!).

i wasn’t aware of being referred to OT but one arrived and i’m grateful every day for my grab rails in the shower!

those little things that i didn’t know i needed are wonderful.

what i really loved was that i was asked about what made me feel unsafe and then advised on how to make it safer.

carole x

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Good idea.

For many years I used to attend Hope hospital Salford , now Salford Royal.

The doctor gave a lesson to about 20 students and I was the patient.

I gave a brief history about my MS and it’s progression and answered any questions.

The doctor showed them examination techniques.

2 years ago after a short stay in hospital, I was no longer able to transfer and now need a hoist.

They no longer use me now because they don’t have the time to have me hoisted.


My Dr`s surgery asked me if I would come in and talk to some students,they paid me a taxi there and back as I cannot drive.I had two students came into the room talked about how It started and how it was progressing,they also gave me the once over.At the end they said they had learned quite a bit so very worth while going.Only gripe I was promised a coffee and never got one Lol.


Blimey Ronin … that doesn’t sound right to me . How rude ! Jamie, coffee and sweet things should always be provided

thats a must ! I usually takes some biscuits too as everyone seams to get the 2pm after lunch sleep mode .

I don’t know about anyone else , but when I have been in hospital etc I don’t mind talking to students as I think

the more they know, the better practitioners they will make. I remember one hospital trip it was the student that

kept me going !! I had been in EAU for 36 and was seen by 6 different doctors ( not different disciplines - each

explaining why I was in there ) in the end the student told them !!

I would be grateful for your opinions , as after many bizarre experiences with medical professionals etc I think

the more people try to understand about neurological conditions the better - as we do seam to be a little mis understood !!

So everyone … What would you most like a student to learn, understand or well anything really .

I really do do appreciate any thoughts as we could hopefully then put any ideas in practice


I live near a training college that has an Occupational Therapy dept. For a small fee, senior students would examine the patient, then discuss their findings and the appropriate treatment with a tutor. They would then, under the supervision of their tutor, treat the patient.

Earlier this year I had a pain in my right hip. I made an appointment as I’d had good outcomes on a previous occasion. They diagnosed the psoas muscle was the cause and gave me a exercise to do. A week later I still had a problem walking and went back for a follow up. They told me to stick with the exercise.

I mentioned this to my Tai Chi instructor. He gave me one exercise to do and the muscle returned to normal before the end of that day. My instructor didn’t seem at all surprised that his treatment was so much more effective that conventional medical practise.

How does this affect your ideas, thoughts & experiences Alexa?


Morning Alexa

I can assure you it’s true.