Advising up and coming Neurologists

Hello Fellow sufferers,

A couple of weeks ago my local gp asked me if I would be kind enough to speak to some students studying MS, I agreed.

It proved to be very interesting, they asked how long I have had it for, what was my first symptom and loads more questions. It eventually ended up me telling them my story and how it all happened. They were very interested and I had to laugh as I ended up telling them to get the whole picture of events and not treating just one symptom and brushing it off. To listen to the patient as we know our own bodies best.

.I just pray that in some small way the future up and coming Neurologists may really listen to what we have to say.



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hi janet

thats a great thing for you to have done- it must have helped them a lot, and was hopefully beneficial for all parties concerned :0)

literally just after i was formally discharged from my main hospital stay, i was asked by a consultant to be a patient who a trainee doctor had to diagnose, and just answer questions whilst laying in bed. i was pre-dx at the time although ms was suspected as had +ve mri scan and awaiting lumber puncture.

the trainee was given 6 minutes supervised by the consultant and communication to me as the patient was encouraged by her towards the trainee. i was pleased to be part of someone’s training, and like you, to have helped them.

hopefully of no coincidence but i am a teacher and when i trained we were let loose on the public 3 weeks after starting the course (although this was nearly 20 years ago- christ, time flies doesn’t it?). thank god we weren’t having to diagnose people.

anyway, the point of this mail was a ‘good on you’. i was asked just upon leaving and it didn’t put me out as was there and then, so it shows a greater commitment on your part to be more active.

‘nice one, cyril’ x

I unfortunately had two appointments both with neurology registrars/ trainees. They both didn’t ask me enough questions, I didn’t know I had MS at the time. I’ve sent my feedback to the hospital, hopefully the hospital can learn from it. It is common knowledge that neurologists learn a lot from their patients.

when i was in to get lumbar puncture,doc came wit students,asked me questions,doc gave no int,one of students said MS,clever guy,but how i wish e was wrong

read somewhere that when first studying m.s. many trainee drs are convinced they have m.s. themselves!

My thanks to, Cyril, Lenney, Polar Bear, Colin13 and Karkowian for listening to my story. Also thanks for sharing your experiences with me.



Hello Janet and Fluffollie

Which medical school was this? I give talks to trainee nurses, OTs and physios and would like to get into medical schools as well.


Good job!x


Patrick I’m sorry I don’t know but I live in the east so it could well have been the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital. Silly of me not to have asked.