text from gp


i got a text from my gp asking me to make an appointment to see the nurse who wants to do an ms review.

this is a new nurse and looking through her list of patients she noted that she had a lot of ms patients and wants to have regular appointments.

it feels good to have someone looking out for us.

does anyone else have this from their gp surgery?

carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Carole

My GP is always keen to chat about how MS affects me. She has said to me in the past that she only has me and one other who has a d/x of MS so she is interested in the symptoms.

She rang me last year to ask if I could go in and chat with a student doctor who was interested in neuro conditions so I went in and spent half an hour telling her all about my symptoms etc. Like you say, it is good to know that the GP surgeries show interest in MS.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

yeah shazzie

it’s progress really. maybe the next generation will have a better response.

carole x

lt is heartening to hear that there is some progress in MS awareness - your with your GP and Nurse and of course the Jack Osbourne programme and appeal.

Never in 31 yrs have l seen a MS Nurse. Mine really is a case of ‘left to get on with it’. l suppose its because l am SPMS - Thats why l do respond to posts on here - when l can. l hate to hear of newly diagnosed sounding so alone and frightened.

l went 26yrs without seeing a neuro - then it was only 5mins - and she actually said ‘l bet you know more about your MS then l do’ - not very assuring.

So fingers crossed - that the next generation will get a better response.

Sounds like you have a fantastic surgery :slight_smile:

The GPs I’ve seen have been fantastic but I’d have to book with the hospital to see MS nurse there, it would be so good to have nurses within a surgery that specialised!

Sonia x