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Right, rant time… Just been on the phone to the doctors surgery and the GP hasn’t made a referall to an MS nurse after 3 weeks but has referred me back to the neuro, the neuro had sent a letter (5 weeks ago) to the GP asking him to refer me to an MS nurse! Who does refer you to an MS nurse? The surgery wasn’t sure and no GP available to ask. Should I go scouring the streets for a rogue MS nurse, hit my GP or get back in touch with the neuro?



my neurologist organised it at the time of diagnosis. I didn’t have to ask… my GP doesn’t get involved in anything MS related anymore, I must go straight through to the nurse who can sort out an appointment with neurology if I need it. Maybe try the Neuro Secretary next…? keep nagging! x

that was supposed to say I ‘just’ go through to the MS nurse, who is a LOT easier to get hold of than anyone at the GP surgery.

I found my nurse myself. I contacted her and she got access to all of my information. No referral required. I took bull by the horns so to speak as neurologist was a waste of good skin.

Hi Chris, I asked my neurologist and he refered me. The one time I needed to speak to my nurse she was off and the nurse I did speak to took my patient number, looked up my records and chased up my physio appointment for me :slight_smile: I reckon, you could contact the nurses yourself and they’d be pretty swicthed on,the ones at closest hospital certainly were, and if not, call your Neurologist’s secretaryand bug them :wink: Good luck, Sonia x

My neuro gave me the details for the MS nurse when I was diagnosed (although I did have to ask who could help me and my son come to terms with it). Now I’m at a prescribing hospital there is a team of about 3 nurses and I can ring for one of them at any time, they usually ring me back within 24 hours.

Maybe if you contact your local MSS branch they can put you in touch with the local nurse for your area. It would be a lot quicker than the ‘pass the parcel’ you are currently experiencing.

Tracey x

When I was diagnosed my specialist introduced me to my nurse I was given his phone number and just contact him my self as and when needed. Perhaps go see neurologist again as gp are crap and tend to keep out x