ms nurse

hi eveyone

from all your experience, can anyone tell me how long it takes to get an ms nurse…i had 2nd neuro app in september. he said he would sort?

also just want to say how informative,reassuring and even humourous i have found this forum. i go between the everyday site and newly dx as i was dx in june this year.

i dont post very often but read most days and know if i have any problems im going to get some support here.

thanks kim

Kim, You can self refer, I did. I was told that the neuro would refer me but I wasn’t going to wait a few months for that. I called the nurse, left a message then I got a call back the next day. She visited me a few days later.

To find the MS nurse in your area:

Click on the ‘Home’ page of this website, then click ‘Near Me’. Then type in your post code and a map should show, then click on ‘specialists’. This should give the name and phone number of MS neurologists and MS nurses in your area. Then give them a call.

Take care of yourself x

I second what Helebon has said. Self referral is totally acceptable thing to do. And often quicker. Scary to do something you haven’t done before. But hopefully well worth it. My MS nurse is lovely. She has visited me at home when necessary. I now don’t have regular appointments. But if I’m struggling I just phone her for help. Hope you find a good one Hugs Min xx

It took months to see mine as my gp retired so i rang the neuro and they gave me the phone number. Might be worth a quick phone call xx

I rang the neuro department and said I wished to speak to a nurse because I was feeling upset about things, on the day I got my diagnosis. The nurse rang me the same day.

Good luck, Noreen xxx

Each hospital should have a website.
If the hospital lists neurology in its services, then ring the general enquiries number and just ask for the neurology nurses.
You may find you just get voicemail.

(You could ask if there is a designated MS Nurse, and if you get a name it is usually possible to work out the e-mail address)
I may have an idea, if it works out I will PM you.


thanks for replies. i will try to find out who is local ms nurse and possibly do the self refferal thing.

thanks once again

kim x