How do I get neuro physiotherapy?

Does anyone know who I need to speak to to get neuro physiotherapy? I was promised it by the hospital and by the district nurse but nothing seems to be happening. Would I ask my GP or my neurologist who I haven’t yet seen as an outpatient (I have been referred to a different neurologist than the one I saw in hospital). Any help anyone can give would be appreciated.

Hi Puddinglover. If you have an MS nurse, they should be able to refer you, otherwise I would ask the GP.

My MS nurse arranged my referral. Do you have one yet? I was actually told I could have self-referred, so it might be worth phoning the relevant department at your hospital. X

MS nurse referred me for neuro-physio too. In Lothian (or perhaps just mid-Lothian I can self refer for non-neuro physio but not neuro physio. I didn’t ask my GP himself because my MS nurse advised neuro physio without any prompting from me.

Many thanks for your replies. I think the problem is that I am not formally diagnosed yet as I have only had one episode so I have not been referred to the MS nurse and I am waiting for a neuro appointment. But while I am sitting around at home in pain I am getting worse and I am worried that I might be doing the wrong things or not doing things to help me as I am seizing up more and more each day.

I have just had my first Neuro appt today and am far from being diagnosed with anything, but because of my obvious balance problems he said he would refer me to a Neuro Physiotherapist who can help me cope with the balance issues.

If you have been told you are being referred, I would contact the District Nurse or the consultant’s secretary you were under at the hospital. If they told you they would be referring you then you are totally justified in chasing it up.

Good luck xx

I am going to my GP tomorrow and asking about a neuro physio appointment. I am also awaiting some sort of diagnosis but have obviously got balance problems…

It does seem to take a lot of time, I had my 2nd neurology appointment on 3rd July and asked for it then… then I asked my MS nurse to chase it up for me… saw the physio on Monday this week. Well worth it though.

Hope you don’t have to wait too long

Sonia x

Ah well, in that case I shan’t be hearing from them this side of Christmas then!!

This is such a frustrating journey!

Pud - good luck with chasing yours up.

Yvette - good luck with the GP.