Newly Diagnosed Day

Well got home from work and have my newly diagnosed day course invite. Organised by the MS Society. Have to say looks interesting. Got the top bod Neuro from the hospital giving a talk on it as well.

Hi That’s sounds brilliant, I hope you ask plenty of questions (write a list to take with you) That’s such a good idea I wish they did that when I was dx 7 years ago I spent months researching ms on line! Please let everyone know how you get on. Ann X

Will do Ann. I was actually told about this initially by someone who was diagnosed I believe 9 years ago. The lady who owns the riding school where I occasionally have lessons gave me contact details of a friend of hers who had ms, after I told her about my diagnosis. I shall be forever grateful to her for that. Anyhow, when I met her friend we had a good all chat (something that comes easily to me hence my user name!) one of the things she said to me is make sure you get on the newly diagnosed day. Up to this point I had been very much on my own, no MS nurse meeting etc. Anyhow, I then made contact with the local MS Society support officer and she also mentioned it, but said I had to be referred by the hospital. Eventually, over two months after I’d received definite ms diagnosis, I met my MS nurse. When I asked her she told me I was on the list! Why the Neuro couldn’t have said when he gave me the diagnosis is beyond me.

Anyhow, they ask for questions in advance - so I’m hoping mind get answered. I’d imagine they are what other people are thinking. I’ll certainly feed back here in any case but it’s not for a couple of months. I think on reflection I should have posted in the other section - as more relevant, but I guess peeps will see my post here.