Has anyone been to an MS Society Self Management Course?

I’ve got a place on one of these courses and I was just wondering if anyone had first hand experience of what to expect. I’m a bit nervous! I am also a bit concerned that I am using a place when someone more in need could use, my MS has so far given me “only” sensory problems.

What do you think?

Hi, if you have been accepted on a course then you do deserve to take it. You may learn more than you expect.

I am going on something similar at my local hospital. It is not thru the MSS. It is called How to cope with a chronic, progressive condition.

I start on 6th October…for 7 sessions. I am looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy your course.

luv Pollx

Yes , im in the middle of a course right now,!!! I dont have a diagnosis yet but its for people with long term illness done by the mss. I am really enjoying it, alot is common sense, but good to meet people in same position. I advise you to go and it will help alot and good company , good luck

Thanks for the replies, yes thats the course Moggie, sounds the same anyway. I suppose the thing with MS is you could be saying “oh but I’m fine” one day, then you never know what will happen the next so best be well prepared!

Hello, I am waiting to hear about getting a place on an ‘expert patient’ programme, but haven’t heard back from anyone yet. Again, I think it is for anyone strguggling with an ongoing chronic medical condition. I hope you find it useful.


I went on a course called the expert patient program I found it really useful and at the end I was giving a 12 week gp refel with a personal trainer at a gym I really learnt alot and just because I have MS it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a little exercise it was a little but I felt I was doing something after the 12 weeks were over I joined my local gym and never looked back.

Not only that I learnt how to work and plan things round my MS its really worth giving it a go there where more patients then just people with MS at but most had MS.