I know I should feel...

Hi folks,

I know I should feel grateful BUT I've just been invited to a self management course run by MS Society.  6 weeks x 2.5 hours AND I know I should appreciate this BUT I do not want to ponder/discuss etc for that length of time.  The very idea makes me wearyheartthumbsupI think (yes, I do sometimes) that my favourite forum may be all that I need.  Take care gang happyflowerM

Hi M, must admit it does sound a bit exhausting. I've missed the last 3 monthly meetings of local MS group as wasn't well enough to attend! 

AND all that talk about MS... sleeping

Yes this forum and you guys is all I need. thumbsup

Hope you're having a good day. Went out on scooter shopping and only got caught in one shower! 

Now got a fridge full of M&S goodies... actually bought a bit too much which I always do in there... confused

Have a good one, 

Pat x butterflyhappyflower

Hi M

I agree, talking or listening for a couple of hours is exhausting, this computer "talking"

is much easier.


Sun here today............yippeethumbsup hope you all have a good one.



I find listening and concentrating for any length of time really exhausting, so I can understand why you are reluctant to do your course M. As you say, this forum is enough.

The weather is about to change for the better folks - let’s hope that it doesn’t get too hot as a lot of us can’t cope with it.

Take care all,

Teresa xx

Cheers guys

Talking about Marks & Spencer, it was tipping it down (no news there) and I decided to go and get a fruit scone, clotted cream, jam and tea.  Diet? What diet?  I felt very proud of myself, it's the simple things that seem to have the most meaning!  Many thanks about the feed back on the course, I'd not manage and I have you guyshappyflowerheartI hope everyone has a good day.thumbsupcoolM

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cream tea... toungetoungetounge

Teresa is right... summer on its way. Let's hope it's that nice dry heat and not that horrid humid stuff... nervous

Have a good day gang,

Pat x cool