" getting to grips " course for newly diagnosed patients

Hi all,

Has anyone attended one of these ms getting to grips courses before? I’ve got an invite for one in July and August every Friday evening for six weeks.

What does it involve and has anyone found it helped them?


I went to a day course the other month…(12 years after my first relapse and 4 years post diagnosis!)
I hadn’t been on one so thought that it may be of some use.
We sat through a number of speakers about topics including; what MS is, Fatigue management, what the MS society can do for you and a Psychologist talking about the psychological way we come to terms and adapt to MS.
The only bit I hadn’t known for years was what the Psychologist said. She was brilliant and I came away with the knowledge that I was dealing with my MS and I know how to deal with it as much as anyone can.
I found sitting through the rest of the waffle was worth it just for that.
The OT and physio did say after that they had only invited me so that I would give advise and reassurance to some of the newly diagnosed!
Did you get a program for the course? then if there was somethings that did interest you more than others you could always pick and choose evenings!

Hope that helps

Isobel x

Thanks for reply Isobel, the six topics are:

What is MS — with a head of support and a local neurologist

Managing MS symptoms ( part 1 ) … with a local ms nurse

" " " “” " " " " " " " " " " " " ( part 2 )… with another local ms nurse

Continence and Relationship issues/ Staying Active and keeping well… with a continence advisor and a senior physiotherapist

Benefits and employment issues … with a DRN ( whatever that is??? )

Fatigue management and a final evaluation… with an occupational therapist

The thing is they want you to commit to all the dates which is over a six week period so I can’t really pick and choose which I would have liked to do.

The other thing is that I’ve read different health authority ( I’m in the Norwich area ) info on the internet and it says that the sessions each last 2 hours and people have to get into groups and talk to other people on a one to one basis for 15/20 mins and then introduce the person to other people. I’m really quite shy and this reminds me of “role play” scenarios which I’ve had to do through my working life and which I really do not enjoy. That is putting me off going, I’m happy to listen and perhaps ask questions but being "forced " to interact is not my cup of tea.

Maybe I’m being silly about it but I’ve only been diagnosed six weeks and I haven’t even decided which dmd I’m going to take so I don’t even know if I would benefit from this course.

What do others think?




Am in Scoltland and went on course called Living with MS-I guess its something similar that you are referring to?

It was ok I guess-no role play stuff-various speakers which were informative. This was 7 years ago so dont remember details.

The only gripe I had was with the title! I suggested it should be MS lives with me. I was here first!

Anyway, I would go, simply to gleen the info that you choose. The evening seems a tad strange as this is when most are goosed! Tho maybe if they have napped during the day… Decision decisions!

Whatever you do, it will be right for you

Ellie x