getting to grips course

hi all

if you get chance to attend a local MS course called ‘getting to grips with MS’, please do so. i went to tonights course and it was excellent… all run by volunteers and it helped both me and my partner.

thanks to all concerned. best wishes, fluffyollie xx

Hi Fluffyollie

Thats good to know as I’ve booked to attend a one day seminar on 3rd October and my wife will be going with me. So glad to hear you found it useful.

Good luck



must be regional differences-again! i went 9 yrs ago and found it pointless. however i think the idea is good and if you get the right speakers/talkers it will be beneficial. and 9 yrs on surely they have a different approach?

ellie the optimist!

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They started this in my area two years after I was diagnosed. Too late for me as I had (a) come to terms with it by then and (b) found out lots of info for myself. Also they ran it during the day time which was no help as I am still working and have already lost a lot of working days due to relapses and medical appointments. I didn’t like to ask for time off to attend a course as well.