Has anyone applied for a Motability Grant?

I received a phone call from an assessor - said it wouldn’t take long and fired questions like a gatling gun!! Asked why I wanted a car- first thing that came to mind was to attend appointments. Next came what are the distances in miles to those hospitals- like I knew off the top of my head!!! Now I have to provide evidence for every appointment I’ve had this year and I don’t keep a record- she said phone every hospital I go to and ask them to send confirmation!!! What about the unscheduled a and e stops!! Or even just the fact I want to drive to a local country park and feed the wildlife and have a picnic!! And there’s me thinking Motability helped disabled people’s independence.

Do you get PIP, because if you do you don’t go through all this, who is this person working for ?, s they don’t sound very helpful.

Jean x

Unfortunately because I now need a wav and can’t afford the upfront payment needed to apply for a grant- but coming across ridiculousness

Please forgive my ignorance, whats a wav ?

Jean x

Are you upgrading from a Motability vehicle to a W.A.V or currently using your own car?

Do you still drive yourself or need ,2 other named drivers?

If you have already qualified for high rate PIP, then a W.A.V. is essential for your independence, to drive wherever and whenever you choose. .Shops, days out, nights out, visit friends, holidays. They’re not just for hospital appointments. Also, any paperwork that only shows appointments is actively discouraged on the PIP/DLA application forms, so it’s likely a similarity for Motability vehicles, definitely worth checking!

I had a decision of PIP enhanced rates for both care and mobility. The Motability site helped me to find car dealerships. My husband drove me to 3 main dealers. (my own driving licence was revoked on diagnosis). So I could choose 2 drivers, my hubby & our daughter who lives close with her family.

B.M.W did all paperwork. Not one question of why, what for etc.

However, I don’t need a W.A.V yet so the process may differ. The hire period is 4 years in W.A.Vs and 3 years for non adapted vehicles.

Check Motability site and double check the person you’ve dealt with fully understands the Motability rules.

This M.S site is a charity to help those in need, British Legion has a charity too. If you work, or retired, H.R or Pensions may help.

Good luck Charlotte (or Charley)

Chrissie X

Thanks for explaining, we have a VW caddy, 7 seater with hoist to take my scooter, but we did have to put a fare bit down, so I hope you get the grant you need. Does the MS society or MS trust, or if you have a local MS group help with things like this, I know the group in Huddersfield do, maybe worth checking out, if you haven’t already.

Jean x