Advice on PIP application

Hi Everyone,

I’m 27 and starting to take on more responsibility with regards to making sure my mother has the support she needs in the deterioration stage of her MS.

We’re recently starting to consider that she’ll need a hand controlled car to continue driving. I’ve looked up ‘Mobility’ and there seems to be a connection between lease cars and council PIP payments, which she’ll need to be able to afford making car/household adjustments…

I’ve looked at the PIP form and they look so complicated - does anyone have any advice on filling them out? Is there anything I should make sure I mention in the forms? I’m worried I’m going to miss some important detail which will mean she won’t get the financial support she needs. Any advice appreciated!

You should join benefitsand work, you wil find plenty of info and guides well worth joining.

Hi Little B,I agree with maud, you need to get the enhanced rate of PIP to be able to apply for a mobility car.

When completing the form make sure you describe her symptoms on her worst day.

Better still try to get some help like when I did my first two applications I went to a charity called dial. Don’t know if you can still do that now cos of covid?

Its a long process but keep going, good luck, sorry for broken txt, going to bed now!

Kim x

Hi Maude - I’ve just looked up this website and you’re totally right it’s super helpful, thank you so much for the recommendation!

Hi Kimmy, Thank you so much for that advice to make sure I describe the worst day, I’ll also look up dial - really appreciate your help, thank you! x