Hands locking up.

Good morning, Anyone have hand spasms which lead to hands locking in, weird shapes making walking with sticks and many other daily things difficult and sometimes dangerous.? It is also making ISC a problem. Idears and comments welcome please. Elljay

Does exercising your hands help? I have some therapy putty to use in exercises (admittedly I don’t use it everyday as I should!) Its about strengthening certain movements, not necessarily the grip, but the stretching out, squeezing putty between fingers etc.


My fingers sometimes have a tendency to lock at 90 degrees making it troublesome to use things like screwdrivers or untie things but I unlock one hand by straightening it with the other hand, though it can keep happening.

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I get it and found Theraputty brilliant. Ive got the tan and yellow ones and play with it, doing hand exercises. It really helps the muscles loosen up. You can buy different colour putty depending on the hardnes and softness you want. You can even buy a set of all of them, i hope you find this helpfull. Xx good luck.

This post has reminded me to stop ignoring the Theraputty (it is sat on a chair right next to where I eat!) and start using it every day again! I am a stupid woman for ignoring it and neglecting my hands.


Thanks to all, I appreciate your replies. I was wondering if it was this extremely irritating disease or something else. Elljay

It was one of the first symptoms I had. It is so painful! Try opening and closing your hands if you can and see if thet helps