Clenched fist


Has anyone suffered with their hands remaining clenched when gripping something?

This is a new symptom to me and the MS nurse said it sounds MS related, the only thing is that is intermittent, so she’s not sure!

It happens whenever I grip something fairly tight. It’s gets stuck and will stay clenched for nearly 15 minutes. I can only open it using the other hand, but it’s quite painful! We’ve discussed getting physio, but just interested if anyone has ever had anything similar.


I’ve had something similar but in reverse. My right hand would lock in a clenched fist and bend back. Of course then I was unable to grip on the arm rest of the wheelchair to push myself up, unable to propelle, unable to grip and pull on the grab rails in the toilet etc. For me, it’s intermittent and thankfully has lessened, well almost stopped actually, after several weeks. It was caused by frequent short spasms I had started to get. Prescribed Baclofen in the past didn’t help, nor did Tegretol.n I’m delighted to say that the spasms have eased off now and my hand is back to normal. Hopefully you’ll find the same.

back in the days when I could still drive my hands would lock onto the steering wheel if I had driven a long way.

It was worse in damp weather (almost always where I live).

Poppy I’m very glad that your hand is back to normal.

So am I Carole! Can grip/hold but not able to use a knife, scissors, pen etc. Minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things though. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

I had this could not release my hand, and my nails used to dig in and and make my hand bleed, like you the only way to release was by using the other hand to release it. Went to my GP and it turned out to be spasms in the hand. So now take baclofen every day, which stopped it, not had it since, don’t want that back again. So do go to your GP and see what they say, or perhaps phone the GP and ask for a phone appointment, and speak to the GP about it. Hope that helps you. Take care.

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