Hairy Bikers not ms

Evening all just a quick post before i get ready to go and see The Hairy Bikers tonight , had the tickets since December, im going with my 2 daughters and so looking forward to it.


Hope you enjoy it. Get well wrapped up yeh?

luv Pollx

l love the Hairy Bikers. They did well with their diet - be interesting to see if they have piled the pounds back on. Never trust a slim chef!!

Hope you have a lovely time - and get to sample some of their cooking.

well it was a lovley very funny evening They were at there best with clips from things they did abroad and cooking on stage. Si came out into the audiance and took 2 people on stage they got to eat the packoras and drink beer, 2 others won lots of hairy bikers stuff on a wheel of fortune type game.

The show was really funny with lots of interaction with the audiance.It was worth the effort i had to make to go there.

Yes campion they have lost an amazing amount of weight and have kept it off they do look much better for it.

We ended the night by buying signed coppies of there books cant wait to try out some of the reciepes .


Hi Barbra. so glad you enjoyed the evening so much.

luv Pollx

Did you know that Si’s mum had MS?

No i didnt know that Bouncy thats not good to hear. barbara.xx

lt was Dave Myers mum who had MS - l remember him talking about her in one of their programmes. She died when he was quite young. He has some lovely holiday snaps of his mum with him on the beach.

l never tire of watching them whether its around Great Britain or abroad. The Bakeation - was one of my favourites - especially when they met up with Dave’s inlaws - l think Romania. And the series where they are trying to revamp ‘meals on wheels’.