Hair and beauty

Hi all

New to this group. Have a friend whose wife has MS and she can only talk. She would like hair and beauty treatments but I have not found anything in Leicester. Can anyone please advise or signpost me to any mobile hairdressers or beauticians they may know of who might be able to help?



could your friend put a wanted ad in the local paper?

or ask a local woman.

or man.

good job she can talk because hairdressers are notorious chatters and gossips!

Hello there,

I have a lady coming in, in fact she’s here tomorrow, and she does my hair, plucks my eyebrows and tints my eyelashes (I’m naturally fair) This lady is a mobile hairdresser but does these other things as well, so perhaps, if you look in your local paper you might find a local mobile hairdresser who could do for your friend like my hairdresser does for me. It’s so important to us girls to feel feminine and lovely.

I hope you can find someone who fits the bill. All the best Jane X

Nae offence Jane, but you could have said exactly what “extra” the hairdresser does, not leave it to our imagination LOL, Brian

Googling mibile hairdressers leicester gives you tons of options

theres one for instance. just phone contact till you find price/location/what your friend wants

Hi Paddy,

Ring your local MS Society branch Leicester and District Group | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK they should be able to advise.