Support for my friend with MS in Beauly

dear community, my friend lives in Beauly, and I am trying to find a service that would help her get out and about. The issue is mainly her confidence (her own words) and she has a walker but finds it too heavy to lift in and out of her car. She is a chatty friendly lady, who lost her husband recently. I offered to try to find out if anyone up that neck of the woods has any tips on how to find a companion service that could come once a week and go somewhere with her, just to get her out and about. I live too far away to be useful week to week unfortunately. I know what’s available in Edinburgh but as she is in Beauly, that’s no good. Any advice please? Thanks in advance.

Hi Laura, what a kind friend you are!

I have carers who take me out. I have a care plan through Direct Payments.

To obtain this, your friend would need a care assessment from her local Social Services.