Had my neurologist appointment today

I saw my neurologist today (last saw her nearly 2 years ago) and after a full examination my legs are stiff, positive babinski sign still, increased muscle tone, brisk reflexes and now I have decreased sensitivity in my left leg. I couldn’t tell that something was cold and pin pricks felt a bit dull compared to the other leg. No idea about whether they’re weaker though. Did struggle with pushing against her. She checked my eyes but didn’t say if there was anything wrong there. I’m getting another mri but now the machine is a lot better so hopefully those lesions will be picked up if they’re there. She said my symptoms and the way it’s come on and duration points to inflammation of my central nervous system and was probably m.s (same as last time) but going to rule out some others first. She won’t press me for a lumbar puncture and said she doesn’t order them routinely. I’ve been prescribed baclofen for the muscle stiffness because my legs are really uncomfortable but I’m a bit worried because I have a 4 month old to look after and she does wake at night.

Hi Emma,

I’m glad your appt went okay. I’ve never been on Baclofen myself (I’m on Clonazepam and Pregabalin) but to my knowledge it’s a muscle relaxant so should help to ease the leg stiffness. There are quite a few people on here that are on it though - probably more so on the Everyday Living forum - so it might be useful to post something on there if you’re concerned.

Hopefully this time round the MRI will shed a bit more light on things for you - all things dangly crossed! Having an LP isn’t absolutely necessary to gain a diagnosis but if further down the line your neuro does suggest one then it’s up to you as to whether you go for it or not, as I’m sure you already know.

Good luck with the Baclofen!

Debbie xx

Sounds positive. Here’s hoping!

Karen x

Would be great if a physiotherapist could visit you at home to suggest exercises - one visited me at home in 2009, I now do 11 exercises every morning.

I should add the physiotherapist works for the NHS, and the neurologist arranged for this to happen. I spend 20 minutes every morning doing the exercises, and it’s helped me a lot as I do have stiff joints sometimes. If the neurologist can’t arrange for a physiotherapist to visit, then maybe your GP or occupational therapist can. If there’s a MS Action centre nearby, see if a physiotherapist is able to help you (although you’ll need to pay for each visit - I did when I visited last year).

If you have problems walking indoors, you can use a trolley to hold onto - I bought one from Amazon in 2009 and it helps me a lot. I carry food and letters on it too, plus my mobile phone. Social Services might be able to give you a trolley - they gave me a walking frame for outdoors in 2009.