Had Hospital Today

Had appointment today and saw my neuro’s stand in and i gotta say he was brilliant , seems alot is happening to my left side since Jan as this last month i got cold wet leg feeling leaving tingling in the left leg for a while after , he did some exams and noticed a difference in sensations between the 2 legs and nearly zero reflex in the left foot when scratching it also told my sight may be at its best its gonna get , been booked in for an MRI of the spine and been given an MS Nurse , so who knows whats going to happen now , a step in the right direction :slight_smile: hope everyones having a good day too

regards The sheep :slight_smile:

Hi sheep

I’m really pleased you had a positive experience.

Did you already have a dx of MS?

I was really interested to read that the Neuro commented on the ‘nearly zero reflex’ in you left foot when scratching. I had no reflext at all in either feet when this was done to me…I’m assuming this is when they scratch up the bottom of your foot??

I’m really pleased that things are moving forward for you…from what I can gather from this wonderful forum, having an MS nurse is a huge help and a huge step forward.

Everything sounds to be going in the right direction, neuro wise.

Look after yourself hun.


Thanks pol , you too x


Many Thanks :slight_smile: you to pol x


Glad you’re being looked after sheep :slight_smile:

MS nurses are brilliant, good luck with your MRIs

Sonia x

Hi sheep glad you had a positive experience and are a step closer to finding out what is going on Ax