Help - Am so in limbo going nowhere fast!!!!

Hi I’m new to site and please forgive because I need to rant and will probably ramble. The numbness started in my left leg and foot nearly 4 years ago, and I kept being told it was a trapped sciatic nerve, had two epidurals but they did nothing. It didnt seem to get Ny worse but neither did it get any better. Then in Nov 2012 my leg and foot went totally numb so went back to GP who re referred me to rheumatology. They did lower spine MRI but came up with nothing so recommended I had another epidural. In the meantime my hands and arms went numb and my hands go is spasums which doesn’t bode well for trying to type. My right foot is now numb as well I am starting to lose the feeling in the top of that leg as well. I now have to walk with a stick as my balance has totally gone and when I walk it feels like there is lead in my legs and feet. I am unable to drive as I can’t do the clutch and gear stick at the same time and my foot will not stay on the pedal. My feet are constantly cold and I am unable to wear anything on my feet other than boots, trainers and shoes with a strap as they don’t stay on my feet. But the burning going up and down my legs and arms is driving me to distraction. The rheumatologist referred me to physio, who did an assessment and faxed back to them to say I needed to see neurologist urgently as reflexes, co ordination etc is shot. He did the tuning fork on feet and I couldn’t feel a thing. I was told on Wednesday that I have been referred but just waiting for appointment. I just can’t believe how fast this has come on since Nov but I do seem to have not got any worse for a couple of weeks. Obviously GP and physio are both saying MS but as of yet we don’t know. There rant and ramble now over and I feel better for it.

Hi Sarah, and welcome

Well, it sounds like you’re on the right path for some answers at last - pretty diabolical that it took a physio to spot the reflexes though!

It does sound like MS is a possibility, but there are loads of other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, so it can be a bit tricky to work out what’s going on.

Hopefully the neuro appointment won’t take too long to come through and you’ll find out soon though.

Karen x

Hi Sarah! Just wanted to say hello and welcome and that you WILL get there!!! xxxjenxxx

Thank you Karen and Jen, I’m glad I came on here as I was beginning to think I’m mad. After the year I’ve had I think my surgery must dread me ringing. I had a hysterectomy last march where they left ovaries but then had problems and had to have 2 further ops to remove them and also emergency hernia repair. Meant to be going back in on 22 may to have hernia meshed as its rather a mess but dont know whether its going to make matters worse. I have docs appt on Tuesday to make a decision and whether im going back to work. Not sure how Id get there as cant drive and certainly cant walk there!! I’ve been on countless antibiotics as keep getting infections. I know I can’t believe it was physio to get ball rolling. I have been gathering info regarding neuro problems in family and my grandad and uncle both have/had problems so could be something genetic you never know. Sarah xx