Had a right scare that knocked me sick

Ooh need to vent, so I hope you don’t mind. Got told this morning that my son had a car accident. The worst type of news that isn’t it. Thankfully, apart from the shock, he’s alright. Thank God. He aquaplaned and lost control on his way to work. The Police were great (as usual) and told him that his tyres on his car are low profile tyres. As it was torrential rain at that time, they couldn’t clear the water quick enough. He wasn’t speeding either. I’m thankful to the man who was in the car behind and stopped to help. It could have been so much worse. Of course, now my son is over the shock, he’s gutted that his car is a write off. It was his pride and joy. But he is also thankful that due to it being a top quality car, it protected him from severe injury.

im alright, I’ve got over the shock and trying not to think ‘what if’ type scenarios that a mums brain seems hard wired to do. He’s at work and fine xx

What a shock for you! i’m glad he’s ok, the car can be replaced.

Nice to know someone helped him too.

theres a lot to be said for a good quality car.

Hope you are ok too!

What a horrible shock for you. I am so glad that nothing that matters is damaged. Dr Alison recommends a large glass of Merlot (or whatever) this evening to steady the ship.