Growing leg pains

Hello everyone,

Sorry for posting yet again about symptoms, but as I don’t have any diagnosis, I tend to scrutinise every single symptoms a bit compulsively and continuously wonder what their causes could potentially be…

More specifically, I was wondering whether anyone feels like growing leg pain sometime, and whether such pain are linked to neurological conditions? I sometime feel “systemic” pain in my legs (currently the left) that essentially steam from the entire leg, even though it essentially comes from the area under the knee… If I could give a name to define the sensation’ it would be “radiative pain” or “growing leg pains”… The muscles in my left harm are quite achy as well since a while… As some of you may know, I had clear neurological tests recently (Evoked potentials and MRIs), so I am currently considering to go and see a rheumatologist or a similar type of doctors to continue my quest for an answer, even though my symptoms have so far clearly been neurological in nature.

Wishing everyone a good day.

Blue Marble


It doesn’t sound familiar to me, but that is no indication of anything.

MS can present a whole load of symptoms, so what one person experiences can be completely different to the next.

It does sound like seeing a rheumatologist isn’t a bad plan. It maybe something that looks like it’s neurological but is in fact something totally different. And aching muscles or bones, or the type of pain that radiates from a centre could be caused by ??

(By the way, when I first read your title I had visions that you were growing a new leg and it hurt! Such are the vagaries of my stupid brain!)

I do hope you find something out, I’ve been reading your various posts and it does seem that you need some kind of diagnosis.


Hey Sssue,

Thanks for your reply! I don’t have a third leg growing yet, so no worries on that side hehe! The pains that I have are essentially transient, as I will have them for hours or minutes, then they will most often go like they came… I often also have little cramping-lie sensations in legs (not proprer cramps) but feel like in some positions my muscles will just experience tiny cramps-like contraction for brief moments…

I will indeed book myself an appointment with a rheumatologist, so maybe I’ll see the problem from another angle, which could potentially help. In the meanwhile, I will just play the not really cool game of wait and see that so many of us here are familiar with…

Wishing you a good Sunday morning/afternoon, as well as to everyone else.

Blue Marble

Right now, I have pain just below the left knee.

Typically, I get pain just above both knees.
A physio has commented that the knees felt a bit “arthritic” and suggested that I ask a GP to arrange an Xray.
Since I was about to move, I left this one alone.


Hey DoctorGeoff,

Thanks for sharing your experience. According to you, your pain is due to some form of arthritis then? Or more to MS?

My pains are gone since my first post a couple of days ago, by the way. Nothing really last with me, I guess like most things in the universe hehe…

Wishing you a good day/evening.

Blue Marble


I assume that my pain is down to MS.
What I also get is pain in my left foot (the dropped one) just back from the toes.
This gets easier when I get shoes and socks off.


In your quest for answers have you had a spinal MRI. A number of years ago I had a prolapsed disk which was operated on & this solved the leg pains / numbness. The reason I ask is the sensations I got in my hands / arms which lead to tests which lead to my MS Dignoses felt exsactly the same as the feelings I got from the physical compression of my nerve due to the disk issue.

Hey Sarah Smith,

Thank you for your reply. I indeed had a full spine and brain MRIs, and none shown any signs of lesions. The neurologist was convinced in advance that I did not have MS, and that only reinforced her belief…

In the meanwhile, I should really start to think about getting my passport for the Limbo Land…

Blue Marble

Hi blue marble, it it was things other than lesions on your spinal Mir that I was talking about. Like disk issues! But I guss that would have been picked up on if you have had it done and looked at.

Your post very much reads as you believe you have ms. I don’t know how it feels to think that and tests /neorlogosists saying they don’t think it is. My journey was swift by ms standards & I ticked all the ms boxes in the tests, so it was quite clear cut. All I would say is no lesions has to be good news, as does the other tests showing that your nerves are talking to your brain. Yes it makes sence to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms, but even if at some point they turn out to be caused by ms the great, fabulous news is that right now you have no damage in your brain. the very best of luck with getting answers, but while you are on the hunt for answers remember to make the most of everything you are able to do.

Although answers are what you are focused on right now, any Dignoses of any long term condition does not feel good. All the very best,

women using the name of sarah

Hey Sarah,

Thank you for your message once again. I really appreciate your kind and helpful words :slight_smile:

Regarding the spine anomaly, the radio-neurologist stated that on D6/D7 (i.e. I can’t remember for sure the exact location) there was something like a “spreading/abnormal prolongation” of the disc/bone that constitute the spine (I can’t remember the exact terminology). However, the conclusion was that the exam was within “normal limits”, and no link was formally established between my neurological symptom and such a “physical degeneration”.

I am indeed trying to focus on the fact that it is so far a good new that nothing showed up on my tests, but nonetheless the symptoms have existed.

It’s like having a covered spy in you somehow, you don’t know who to target or whether his/her intentions are really threatening your existence. So you can’t live in a full-security environment, but you rather have to live while accommodating as best as you can the potentiality of a threat that could exist or not. I guess that life is like that in general; this is just a more private and insidious version of the same reality that we all have to deal with as living beings. At the end of the day, we are all in the same one same box containing one singular entry and one singular exit route, with many alternative paths to reach the same destination. That’s how life is, and we can only adapt to that protocol, as we have no choice regarding our objective existential condition, we can only mentally rationalise our understanding of it and stay positive or cynical in face of adversity. Anyway, I don’t want to embark anyone on unnecessary pseudo-philosophical conversation, so I will leave it here.

All the best to you Sarah, and wishing you a good day/night :slight_smile:

Blue Marble

Hi, blue marble

when I had my back issues and could not get up off the floor for most of the day I spent a lot of time online. It was quite a long time ago so my detailed memory’s of what I learnt are not good. Also I did not have an issue at D6/7. So did not look in detail at the effects of there. But what I do know is that each part of your back can have an effect in different parts of your body.

The point I am trying to make is if I was in your position I would check out weather or not the area you have an abnormal sign could techchacly be causing your symptoms.

Again, the body symptoms I had at the beginning of my MS conclusion felt identical to the sensations I got from the prolapse disk squashing the nerves. Which was why I truly expected to just need another opp not to get a MS Dignoses.

I really really hope you find your symptoms are being caused by something ‘fixable’.

Hugs & the very best on getting answers and understanding of the nasty game your body is playing with you.