great social worker

I think my life has been saved by having a great social worker, I was getting very depressed, my life was a mess, my family werent coping with my illness, and I was just burying my head in the sand as to how ill I was getting, OT sent a social worker out, I must admit I didnt want her to come, but thank god for her, she is so supportive, has accessed me as needing a carer a few days a week , has written areport for the dla tribunal, as got me an advocate, but most important of all she listens and she helps me, so Ive gone from looking at my meds and wanting to take the damn lot to end this misery, to looking forward, I need a wheelchair and mobility scooter, that Ill take one step at a time, but I thank my lucky stars Im now getting the help



So glad you are getting the help you need.

Stay strong.

G :-) 

That's absolutely brilliant news. I am so glad you found her, and that you are now getting the help you need happy2

If you need help getting the chair & scooter, don't forget that the MSS do grants. Always worth a try!

Karen x


It is great news that your social worker is so fantastic and that you are now getting the help you so desperately need.

Teresa xx