Great read

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

As anyone read this book? I really enjoyed it. I downloaded it onto my tablet on Christmas day…love my tablet…found my love of reading again

The main character is a nine year old girl, living with a foster family, in 1939 Nazi Germany.

The novel is narrated by death. I felt quite sorry for ‘death’, spending his existence collecting souls I won’t say anymore in case some of you guys are reading or want to read it.

My daughter has seen the film. She said to me “you will cry mum”, I did-like a baby.


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Its on my list hun so I might bump it up the list - its a very long list. I have 1-click addiction and I get an email from a website called Kindofbook every day, They have a list of free and very cheap books every day. I really have to stop but I have found some very good independent or little-known authors such as -

Michael Stark - The Island

Andrew Mayne - Public Enemy Zero & Angel Killer

If only work did not get in the way of my reading!!!

JBK xx

I really enjoyed that book.

If you enjoyed that, you might also like:

Room Emma Donoghue and

The Snow Child Eowyn Ivey

Happy reading

Anne x

Thanks for the book titles Anne and JBK, I will make a note of them.

I prefer books to films in many ways. My father always said I had an overactive imagination and he was right. I forget everything around me when the story really captures me.

Its great not having to hold a book in my hand. I just prop my tablet on a cushion on my knee, relaxing on my recliner…heaven.


I settled down to read by book one evening last month at about 9:10 ish, thought I would read for 20 mins or so and then do a quick tidy up (tea & biscuits were beside me) - the next time I looked up it was 10:40

The problem with e-readers is that you can’t tell how much book you are getting through.

And if you want a very funny book try - The no-so-secret emails of Coco Pinchard. It made me laugh out loud, sitting alone in my living room.

I only bought one book today - I’m getting better. The two weeks I was off over Christmas I bought 31. I really have to stop downloading free books.

JBK xx

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oh you bad bunch

i’ve just ordered 3 books for my kindle and i’m supposed to be being careful with money.

ha ha ha!

carole x

I know exactly where you are all coming from!

I find it far too easy just to click “Buy This Book” on my Kindle!!

I have nearly 200 books waiting to be read, but still find myself buying more!

“The Book Thief” is brilliant, isn’t it?

I’m off to have a look at ‘Kindofbook’ now…thanks Jelly!

PD xx

I must be in the minority. I prefer the feel of a real book. I’m currently reading Wilbur Smith’s Desert God. I love his Egyptian series. I’m a member of goodreads and I’m always adding books to my ‘to read’ list. I have a book token to spend but need a shopping day at one of the nearby large towns/cities to find a decent book shop. My little town doesn’t have a good enough selection and I can’t find my favourite authors.

I’m really excited because in June one of my favourite authors, Kate Mosse, is coming to do a reading/talk at a local hotel. They include posh tea and all for £12. I can’t wait.

Tracey x

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I’ve got the same problem of buying books when I haven’t read half those I’ve got. Kind of unofficial resolution this year: NO MORE book buying until I’ve read at least something from the backlog, otherwise I’ll just end up with more books than I’ll live long enough to read!

Didn’t quite a well known author (might have been Fay Weldon, but I’ve no idea where I got that from) write a book just about reading all the backlog she already had at home? She had the same problem, and decided to make a concerted effort to read it all, and journalled her discoveries.



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Hi Tracey

I love the smell and feel of books and always loved spending time in libraries. Unfortunately we live in a small flat now, so we had to part with many of our books.

I depend on my husband to take me out now, so being able to choose books in an instant on my tablet is great but soooo tempting

Give it a try Tracey…yah never know


I do know … I tried using mum’s e-reader and I have read a book on my i-pad simply because I ran out of reading material one day and had Life of Pi on there because my son had downloaded it on the i-pad. I read it all the way through once I’d started it but really missed the experience of a real book, it’s just not the same.

Mind you, if I could get used to the e-reader it would be useful as I have a book which I’ve had since I was in college (cough mumble years ago) and because I read it at least every other year the pages started to fall out. It’s out of print now and Jamie had to order me a copy which came in a plain paperback cover. I wonder what happens to Kindles when you overuse them? Will they eventually become incompatible with the latest technology and no longer download books? Or will the earliest models still be in use 35 years from now?


If you are looking for out of print books then try the website Abe books. I have found loads of out-of-print ones that my family have been looking for for years.


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The Book Thief arrived in the post the other day via ebay - so I will finish Garry bushell’s book and get started but it will take me a long time to get through it - thanks for the tips…

I adore The Book Thief! My favourite ever novel. Anyone who wants a fast-paced plot will be disappointed, as it’s very much a slow burner, and much more interested in character development. But it slowly drew me into her world, and I came to love the & care for the characters. Some of the language & turns of phrase were beautiful. I didn’t want the book to end, but when I finally did finish it I was sat in hospital having my monthly Tysabri infusion with tears in my eyes! I’ve not been able to read another since as it just won’t compare…


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the book thief has arrived and is waiting for me on my kindle so after a horrible night of being sick i’m going to curl up with a blanket and my kindle.

carole x

i’m halfway through the book thief and my kindle went dead.

it’s now on charge and i can’t wait to get back to liesel and her papa!

the pace of the plot doesnt matter because the atmosphere of that place and era is so powerful.

it’s not use sitting here and willing the charge on, might as well grumble at the kettle because i’m thirsty.

speaking of which i’m off to make a cuppa.

carole x

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