Before I Go To Sleep

By S J Watson

I spent all day yesterday reading this book on my tablet. It’s the author’s debut novel.

The plot of the story is about Christine, a middle aged woman. Something horrible happens to Christine, which leaves her with an unusual type of amnesia. Each night she sleeps and wakes in the morning, with no memory.

It’s not my usual type of read but it kept me interested to the end. I certainly didn’t expect the way it turned out.

I may watch the film now, with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth

So that’s what you were doing!!!

Sounds like a good book, will look out for it.


Wonderful book - like you l could not put it down. l have passed it on to a friend. Hopefully, when it has done the rounds l shall get it back - as it is a book you could read again.

Last year, l read The Casual Vacancy JKRowling. That is now serialised on sunday evenings tv. Usually, prefer the books.

I have downloaded it but I may bump it up the list.

If only I didn’t have to work - I could read so much more.

JBK xx

’ Usually, prefer the books’

I have to agree with this comment spacejacket. I too in general, get more pleasure from reading than watching the film version.


My last read was 'The book thief ’ and more to my taste…I have mentioned this book in another thread.

This book grabbed my interest right from the start. I really wanted Christine to be cured…with the help of her journal…just a little teaser

Too be lost in your mind, like Alzheimer’s dementia is a terrible thing. Amnesia I suppose is like a prolonged dementia.