Great holiday help

Hi, I just wanted to post this as the machine I describe here transformed my holiday and I wanted to tell people about it.

For the last 12 years I’ve been going to Greece for a beach holiday. As my MS has got worse I’ve been less able to get in and get out of the sea. Last year I didn’t go in the sea at all but only swam in the hotel pool.

But this year - transformation !

The local municipality in Greece has installed SeaTrac. This is a wooden ramp to which is attached a steel track that goes straight into the sea, a box containing a solar powered motor and a chair that fits on the track. You get off your wheelchair, slide on to the chair, and click a button on the remote control which you have on a lanyard round your neck. The chair takes you right into the sea, you have a swim, you then slide back onto the chair and click the remote to take you back up to your wheelchair .

I loved it and it transformed my holiday. Find out all about it at

And how great that it’s a Greek invention as well. So good news from the Greek beaches.


The best way to stay cool in Greece. It’s a bit too hot out of the water for me. But great news.