Grand slam

Watching England versus Ireland here with a glass of the black stuff. Every town and village here is a sea of green,and smiley faces,banjos and fiddles playing on every street. There’s just something about St Patrick’s day. It’s known and recognised all around the world! Now, come on you boys in green!!

15-24. To the boys in green :smiley:

Was willing you on Poppy, Celts in arms we are 2nd, just. xxxx

Yeah well done Ireland. Great they got the Grand Slam. We did come second, but were so so lucky against France today !

We did though Jactac, next time. Aving a Jamesons in honour of Ireland, St Paddy’s day & Grand slam, credit where it’s due xxxxx

Da iawn, yn haeddiannol iawn xxxx

I think the England team had started to believe their own hype a bit too much, they’ve been fairly poor in this tournament, (imo).

Well done Ireland.

Now, can someone tell me how the google picture today represents St. Patrick? (have to hurry, it’ll be gone tomorrow)

Er, no Ayjay. Looks more like a welsh thing?! By the way I’m very very welsh so I’m allowed to take the pee, ie sheep xxxx

The Public Schoolboy’s in England will be very disappointed, but others not so much. Congratulations Ireland.

i’m not welsh or irish but i celebrated st patricks day by having a pint of guiness. followed by a steady procession of jamiesons!

jamiesons is such a nice drink.

it might even outrank gin!

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Went round my parents yesterday. My mum had watched all three matches! Always interesting when rugby’s on. Mums welsh, dads english, dads father Irish! I’ve lost interest in the rugby now, used to work as a steward at the principality stadium on top of my full time job. Gave it up a year ago when told probably ms. So glad I did. Have enough stress in my full time job and with ms kicking in I decided it wasn’t worth it. Used to love working there when I started, quite ironic actually, because I worked there for over 11 years, longer than I’ve worked for any of my full time employers at any time. Unfortunately thou I found that things were changing, and not for the better, some people were drinking way too much and been sick over others or falling asleep in their seats. Very small minority spoiling it for the majority. Still I’ve got my memories and it was a fantastic experience, made a few friends there as well.

Google mystery solved.

well done the Taffs and the Irish - hopefully England’s arrogant and ineffective Eddie Jones will be gone soon - how dare he call the Irish ‘scummy’ and describe Wales as a ‘sh**’ little place. Hwyl!

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