GP says definitely not MS

Hi all not been on for quite some time. I have been suffering from severe chest pain which goes under breasts and around to my back can happen every couple of weeks or once a month. Had endoscopy, ultrasound and other tests. Hospital have put me on beta blockers cos heartbeat irregular. I am convinced this is to do with MS so I asked my GP to refer me back to neuro she said just anxiety ‘you do not have MS’ but will refer me anyway. I last saw a neuro for the last time about 18 months ago told me imperative to get a further mri to check any changes, never got that appointment. Feel now GP will refer me but will say she thinks its anxiety so what is the point in going, had LP and every other test before. Can a GP say for sure that you do not have MS maybe a question for Rizzo.

Thanks Jan

Hi Jan, no, a GP cannot say if you do or don`t have MS…not at all!

That`s why we have consultants and specialists…obvious really, innit?

So you do need further tests, which a neuro should order. I wonder why you never got that appointment for another MRI…mmm?

Is it any wonder we are in an anxious stae when we get messed about and left hanging in the air?

It is/was like this for me. After many years of tests, which all came back normal, with diagnoses of MS, PPMS, HSP…now my dx is Spastic Paraparesis/cause unknown.

MS was finally discounted last October.

My condition could be hereditary, but I may never know.

Fun, innit…not!

luv Pollx

pm me if you would like to know more about SP.