What can a GP tell you?

I went to the doctor this morning following a really horrible few days last weekend with the most dreadfull pain and spasms in my upper back and ribs. I’ve had symptoms here before, but not this extreme, the pain was relentless. Anyway, it lasted about three days, and i’m now just getting a twinge here and there, but my left leg now feels really sensitive, I can feel my jeans with every movement and its setting my teeth on edge! and the bottom of my foot feels gritty.

I haven’t seen this GP before, and I told her about the weekend, she looked on the screen and said ‘‘I’m afraid it really sounds like your MS’’. I told her I hadn’t been diagnosed and she looked a bit flustered, went back to the screen and then told me to ring the neuro’s secretary and make an appointment asap. I asked her if she could confirm that I was diagnosed but she just said ‘‘well its bit complicated, you need to ring the neuro’’, and wouldn’t be drawn further. She did arrange for me to go back in later in the morning for a battery of blood tests, ‘‘just incase’’, which I’ve done, and I’m to go back and see her Monday morning. I’ve rung and left a message on his secretary’s answer machine.

I had my last set of scans 3 weeks ago today, I know I’ve got a lesion on my spine and this cyst/thing in my brain which seems to be throwing a spanner in the works.

Could the lesion that’s causing the rib pain also cause the leg/foot problems, or is that likely to be another? Why would it be so much worse than it has been? If there was a disk problem, would that have shown up on the mri? Would the blood test today show up if another lesion was forming? Is the GP not allowed to give a diagnosis or does it have to come from the neuro? And why does the neuro’s secretary never answer her phone?! LoL!

Sorry, so many questions! Feeling a bit panicky today.

Thanks for reading

Hi Hunny, how confusing it all is and GP has just added to the confusion!

I’m not sure if the GP can give a diagnosis or not but I think you need to ask that question when you go back to the GP on Monday. Might be worth taking someone with you as it’s hard to take in information when you’re feeling panicky and flustered.

I think it is possible that the spine lesion could be causing your rib and leg/foot problems… but also brain lesions can cause the same problems. So you really need to find out what’s going on.

Blood tests will not show any information about lesions, but they can show up some other problems that might be causing symptoms.

Go back to the GP on Monday and ask if they have more information from the last MRI scan. Tell her/him that you have been very confused by the comment about MS and that you want to know if there is now a diagnosis.

Deep breath Hunny. Try not to panic. It is possible that you misunderstood the GP’s reaction and that she/he doesn’t actually know if you have MS or not, but had just assumed that you had MS and then realised that they had put their foot in it by making that assumption.

Hope you get some answers very very soon and that neuro secretary gets back to you.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi Hunny, A gp is not allowed to give you a dx of ms, it must come from a neuro. I know this because my gp did give that dx and got a very horrible letter from neuro who told him he was an unqualified idiot! To add to this little drama the gp gave me a copy of the letter and asked me to make a complaint! Sorry you’ve been made to feel like this, the crappy weather isn’t helping anyone’s mood either! Sending you hugs, Chis

Thank you both for your kind replies. I will ask for some clarification on Monday. She, the GP, was a lovely lady and seemed genuinly concerned and kind. I just wish this would all go away now, I want my life back. I’m frightened, in pain, suffering from anxiety, and seem to take one step forward and two back. Sorry for the moan, and thank you again for your support xx