GP problem

I finally got to see GP yesterday wanting to ask about muscle relaxant, I told him about the muscle in my back that never relaxas these days and the only relaxant he mentioned was Diazepam and has given me 14 tabs and said i would not put it on repeat ( I did not want them anyway) if this muscle is not relaxing and I have spasms in legs and arms also how long are 14 tabs goiing to last.

He also said that he did not think vit D is imortant which is a direct contradicton of Rheumy.

He had a letter from the Rheumy as when I first sat down he asked if this was about the muscle, I asked did the letter say anything else and he read for quite a few seconds and then said no it is just clinical (yes that is what I wanted to know about). I also said that I still have the tingling in my fingers and he said simply ‘yes’ anyway he went on about my weight and yes I do need to lose some weight but I was there to ask about oter things.

Anyway I phoned rheumys sec and asked to be copied into the letters starting from the last one.

So today I am feeling totally let down by GP and think I would like to change, anyone any ideas on this please.

Sorry I forgot to say that I am very low on vit d and am taking 10,000 iu as instructed by Rheumy.

Diazepam can be very effective for spasms, but I think it’s usually used for emergency relief rather than everyday relief because it’s addictive.

I don’t understand why your GP wouldn’t tell you what was in the letter or why he would dismiss the vit D deficiency. It doesn’t exactly instil confidence! I also don’t understand why he would prescribe something like diazepam instead of (non-addictive) baclofen without at least explaining it. Did he suggest physio for your back even?

Maybe he was having a bad day? But if this is the norm, is there another GP at your practice who might be more open and supportive?

Karen x

Thanks Karen that is just about what I thought. I am familiar with Diazepam for use as emergency rescue for people with bad seisures (not for me) at work and I know it is very adictive.

I do not want to see my GP again but will stay with the surgery at least till I have some definite dx. I am hoping the rheumys letter comes soon so that I can see what the GP was not telling me. I am sort of wondering if he reccomended that I be given the Diazepam.