Facial spasms

Hi this was one of my first symptoms years ago facial spasms…The doctor gave me diazepam and never said what it was. I’ve not had them for a long time but today they’ve started up again. I’ve rung the Dr and waiting to hear back. I’ve just relapsed on Monday and it’s now only Thursday. I was starting to get again bit of energy back and so pushing myself to catch up around the house and go see my dad but I had to turn back home. Everything seemed distorted and couldn’t think when in car. Now home and still all muscles around my jaw all nd mouth are still spasming. I look like a ventriloquist dummy. Does anyone else get this? My walking is also got a lot worse again when I was gaining strength back and I’m in so much pain in my shoulder muscles. Many thanks Jane

Update… Dr prescribed diazepam and when I asked him what is it he just said he doesn’t know it’s very odd !!

[quote=“Janey1983”] Update… Dr prescribed diazepam and when I asked him what is it he just said he doesn’t know it’s very odd !! [/quote] I think a change of GP is called for.

They’ve been my doctors through this whole process of being ill for 7 years and this is the kind of comments I get from many of them. Although one new gp there listneed to me on Tues about how my relapses happen and I’ve already got an app for an eeg on the 27th. I have put a post on about that on the not yet diagnosed page. I’m at my wits end with it all tbh. Thank you for your reply though and you all re very right I will change Dr’S as I need proper answers not just to be left to get on with it.

Make the new GP your GP. If its anything like my surgery it s so complicated changing your Doctor but worth it. The whole effort required to get an answer or someone to point you in the right direction is enough to make anyone ill let alone dealing with MS. Persevere and get the results you want. Its time consuming and you wonder how these people got on in life and what theyre doing in the job title they have. Now and again you are saved by someone who knows their job.

Yes you are very right there. For now I will see what this new doctor can do and the one I spoke to earlier wasn’t her unfortunately. The diazepma I didn’t get in the end coz the silly Dr didn’t pit the prescription through electronically to the pharmacy and the surgery was closed for training… I think they need all the training they can get tbh lol

i remember having facial twitches when i first started this ms malarkey. it was an elvis presley upper lip twitch. haven’t had it for some years now. my theory is that ms starts with a few particular symptoms and then ups the ante. “oh she’s not bothered about this twitch, let’s see how she likes incontinence” however i still defy it whenever i can. carole x

Good on you for keeping upbeat and strong. I’m getting the spasms again this morning. Sorry to hear about your incontinence. I feel like I need the toilet all the time and have leaked only a couple of times. Number 2 is different tho, when I have to go I have to go, luckily my toilet is downstairs! Do you experience anything like this if you don’t mind me asking? X

hi jayne how i envy you with a downstairs toilet! there is only one here which i share with 3 men, hubby and 2 grown up sons. it’s only my pee that’s a problem. i should have shares in tena lady!! my youngest sister lives in a private rented house with her husband and one occasional teenager. they have four, yes four, toilets! she likes to say they are bog rich! there’s nothing like ms for making you aware of toilets! carole x

There is no justice when it comes to toilet lol. I also have to share with 1 man and 2 young boys… Could you please tell me if when you do go for a wee do you still feel like you need to go and when sit back down again more comes? x

[quote=“Janey1983”] Number 2 is different tho, when I have to go I have to go [/quote] When you’re at home its ok. The embarrassment happens when you're out and about and the on/off switch is switched on. Wheres the toilet !!!

Luckily I’m at home a lot of the time !

hi janey

try leaning forward and wait, then lean backwards and wait.

there’s a hell of a lot of waiting involved!

what really does my head in is that when my well trained menfolk ask me if i need the loo and i say no, they then get in a bath and my bladder screams “nooooo!”

i’d have an extra loo installed but there’s no room for it.

I self catheterise every morning to make sure that any retained urine is allowed out.

i should do it twice a day but it’s such a faff.

carole x

Hi Carole, sorry to hear you have to have a catheter. I will try that tip thank you. Ive been thinking it was all to do with childbirth but a few months back I thought I had a uti as needing it all the time and pain in my lower back but no uti,no pain when I go either just aching in lower back and kidney area. Due to have some blood tests soon x

hi jayney

i was devastated when told i needed to self catheterise but it’s not so bad and i know that i won’t pee myself for an hour or two.

i just tough it all out when it comes to the joys of ms.

carole x

You’re though Carole X Can I ask how long you have had it for please? x