GP not helping me

Hi all, just wondering if this is normal?

Although my MS is not that bad RRMS, I use to go for a yearly check up & mri. I moved house 3 years ago and all my appointment paper work got sent to my old address. I missed an appointment due to not knowing the date as my appointment confirmation was sent to my old address.

when I went to my GP to get them to re-refer me they refused to do so saying there is no need to keep tabs on it.

slightly worried as it has been almost 4 years since I’ve been seen by a neurologist & im not getting anywhere with my GP.

I am wondering if anyone can help me with some advice/guidance on what to do?

You need to insist that you want to be refered to see a neuro to get back in to the system.

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speak to the practice manager of the person who runs the centre, and complain you are not being taken seriously and the reasons behind your request for a referral. if that doesn’t work, contact a neuros office directly and explain the situation. you might have to get very vocal to a gp/ the practice if needed. you do need to keep tabs on it, and the GP sounds like he just doesn’t know this (or they are an idiot and really old school about MS knowledge), so you might have to tell them.

Thanks all for your advice, really appreciate it. Going to book an appointment Monday morning!


You are entitled to be referred to a specialist but you will probably need to see the practice manager. You might need to jump up and down and stamp your feet but it is your right. Just make sure it is an MS specialist you get to see.

If that is no good then seek out your local NHS trust and talk to them. In my opinion a complaint about the GP to the local NHS trust might be a good idea.


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If you don’t get anywhere straight away, you could try the MS Society helpline - this kind of thing really goes against their ‘treat me right’ and they may be able to advise you what to do next.

Should have said ‘treat me right’ campaign.

Booked appointment with GP for Friday, let’s see how this goes.

thanks everyone for your advice.