Gp appointment

I had my follow up appointment with my gp this morning. He was lovely and asked me if I had any new symptoms. I answered that and told him my concern about a tumour. He said it’s a possibility but it wasn’t his first line of thought. His thinking is ms or some kind of nerve problem that affects the muscles.

He recommended I ring our health board to find out how long the wait is for my neurology appointment. The urgent waiting list is 16-20 weeks :frowning:

How long is the none urgent, lol



Hi I waited 5 months to see mine. Had full body scan and nerve conduction test since. Brain scan shows multiple white foci and nerve conduction normal. I go back to see her today this is the 6 month follow up. Possible lumbar puncture next. Please try not to worry too much. Just keep going back to your g.p. to see if he can speed up the process by arranging scans for you. Which is what my Doc did. My scans haven’t ruled out m.s. but it does show that there are no tumors. So it may be worth speaking to your Doctor again. I remember something my Doctor said to me when I told him I was sorry for bothering him again. He said “If you don’t tell us we don’t know” . He was right. Tell them all your worries and symptoms even when they sound silly or embarrassing inside your own head. This is the first forum I have been on I joined about 2 months ago and reading peoples posts made me realize that everyone here is going through it as well.But that we all deal with things differently. All the best Wilma

He is lovely. I have told him all my symptoms and concerns and we had a good chat today. I have to see him again in three weeks, so I will let him know then how long the waiting list is.