Fed up of waiting for appointments

Hi everyone

I haven’t yet been diagnosed with MS or anything else for that matter but I hope I’m still ok to post? Just after a bit of advice really. I began having strange symptoms about a year ago, nothing major but I had a weakness in my left arm and a bit of a tremor also in my left arm. It lasted about 5 or 6 weeks and then just went away. I didn’t think much of it tbh I was only 23 so just put it down to a trapped nerve. Then in April it happened again, this time my left leg was also very weak with a pins and needles type sensation, and my chin and mouth felt very numb. I saw my GP who suspected a thyroid problem, after having blood tests that was ruled out so he referred me to the neurologist for an MRI in August. I then got a phone call in October to say they had an appointment in another hospital but I don’t drive and it was too far to use public transport so I waited until December and saw the neuro who agreed I needed an MRI and wanted to see me again in 3 months time to discuss the results. I got an appointment for May as there was a large waiting list.

My MRI is booked for Friday but I got a letter yesterday cancelling my appointment with the neuro in May and a new appointment has been made for September! I was just wondering if this is standard with neurology departments? And Does this mean I’ll have to wait until September to find out the results of Fridays MRI? I hate moaning about the NHS but it just seems like every appointment is taking much longer than it should. These past few days my balance has been a bit off which is how it started last time, if the symptoms do come back then do I just put up with them and tell my neurologist at my next appointment?

Sorry for rambling on lol just a bit fed up atm.

Dee x

Hello Dee,

Sorry to hear about your annoying appointment cancellations. I completely understand. I am actually new to the MS society after being diagnosed today. I have had numbness in both legs and mainly one arm, especially hand since last September. I had my MRI scan last week. My doctor said, (late Nov 2014), that I would probably get the scan in Feb 2015, however I urged him I was extremely anxious, as i’m sure you may be and so he put an ‘urgent’ request through. I have been signed off work for about a month and have just got my appointment now for the neurologist. I would recommend going back to your GP and explain the urgency and reinforce that it is making you anxious. Im sure they should be able to being it forward. My hospital is in Dudley, where is yours?

My symptoms are different from yours (constant numbness and balance issues for three ish months), but I would not just put up with the symptoms…I would keep going back to the GP…keep pushing and pushing them, even see a different GP if youre not happy. For example I kept ringing my GP receptionist saying I was anxious about my MRI results but she kept saying the doctor will ring you when they are ready. Being fed up, I booked a random appointment today and it turns out they had the results all along since last week and didnt tell me! very frustrating, so i completely understand your annoyance. I hope you sort something out.

Rosie (24 - west mids) x

Yeah mine keep getting cancelled I saw neuro in November he’s like I’ll see you in 3 months I am waiting for an appointment, it’s silly to wait this long I was only diagnosed in September my tests was in this order mri may LP July and I didn’t get results of LP and vep until September he wrote to me with mri results.