Government Discrimination Against Disabled People

After waiting for 38 weeks to hear from the DWP about my claim for PIP, I finally heard last Wednesday. After initially being told that I would be receiving a substantial amount in backpay dating back to February, I asked for a breakdown of how the figure was arrived at. I was then told that it included the Motability component. I told them that I was already in receipt of this and at this point, I was informed that as I was already in receipt of the lowest component for DLA, that I was not entitled to any arrears and I would have to wait a further 4 weeks to receive my first payment (a total then of 42 weeks).

I have paid into this country for 40 years, and all that I ask from the Government is for the money that is rightfully mine!

The politicians do not have to wait for any backpay or arrears, why should disabled people.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that my husband, who has been my sole carer, is not able to claim Carers Allowance until the date that my new ‘award’ comes into force!!!

My husband is my sole carer, and can’t claim carers allowance either. Why? Because he’s already in receipt of a government allowance - his old age pension!

Our mistake seems to have been working and paying our own way, paying tax and NI for about seventy years between us.

The bungalow needs adapting but we can’t afford to get it done, the OT tells us it will be means tested, and as we own our own modest home we are considered to be too wealthy, so it won’t get done.

I could go on, but guess I’m preaching to the converted here!

My husband receives an RAF pension for fighting for queen and country for 20 years and as everything is means tested we don’t qualify for so many benefits! We are all fighting a loosing battle with the government it makes me so angry