Good news that I don't have my follow up appointment yet?

I had my full MRI and lumbar puncture 2 weeks ago. I know LP results take 6 weeks but I assume that if there was anything major on the MRI they’d have sent one by now? I already have an area of demylination identified. Thanks

Sorry, I don’t want to disillusion you, but I don’t think you can read anything at all into the fact you haven’t heard yet. Two weeks would be super-fast, in “NHS time”.

You have to bear in mind that MS, despite being serious, is NOT regarded as a medical emergency, so you’d be unlikely to get a phone call to attend the next day, even if they’d seen something on the scan. I think it’s much more likely they will wait for ALL the evidence to be in, before discussing the lot with you in one go.


Thanks. I was thinking more if it showed anything like tumours etc. I’ve had blood test results where they’ve rung the next day to call me in so just wondered if it was the same.

If you’ve already had an area of demyelination identified, it’s unlikely for your problems to be caused by a tumour. I suppose it would be technically possible, but dreadfully unlucky, to have both, as they’re not usually connected. So I think the odds of discovering a tumour, when the whole focus and evidence so far has been on demyelination would be very slim.

I agree that in the unlikely event they’d seen a tumour, you probably would have heard by now, but I doubt that has ever been a serious suspect anyway.


If there was anything life threatening on your scan, you would definitely have heard by now. The sorts of scans that are done for MS show up tumours beautifully - so you can definitely cross that off the list!

I hope you hear soon: waiting sucks!

Karen x

I’ve had high prolactin levels in the past and have autoimmune hypothyroidism, so was wondering about a pituatury tumour. I wasn’t being totally paranoid! They only found the demylination by accident and thankfully I don’t have the symptoms of MS, so hopefully won’t be anything else from my results. Thanks for the replies.

hi there

my last mri took 6 weeks to get results which led to my dx of ms

The waiting seems like forever, hang in there! Chis