good joke book about disability

Hi All

Does anyone know of a good book that discusses MS in a joking way, fed up with hubby and folk treating me like i have lost my ability to think for myself.

Perfect example statements like we can get you there , dah can get myself there. thought if we had a joke book maybe they would get it, Have given the usual suspects the spoon theory the PPMS explained book but instead of treating you like a human being you all of a sudden become unable to look after yourself.

I know this is not confined to MS , I do adult literacy and they have the same issues.


Hi Patricia,

The problem with humour is that people have different reactions to the same joke. Even different levels of understanding.

There is a lot to be said for using humour as an antidote for MS and there’s a fair bit on this Forum. But what is amusing to some isn’t going to be funny to everyone.

There’s a comedian called Francesca Martinez, with cerebral palsy, who does some astonishing stuff. You can see her on You Tube.

In the meantime, this made me smile;

How many MSers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Why do you assume I want my light bulb changed? Ask me. I’M SITTING RIGHT HERE.




anthony Find that funny yes i have seen Francesca on utube funny,

I went to the doctors this week.

I staggered in and sat down and the Doctor asked “What`s on your mind then?”

I replied “Lesions”

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Jack Carroll is a 19 year old comedian with cerebral palsy. I saw him when he was 13 years old supporting Jason manford in Bradford. He does very funny act covering his disability. He is well worth watching on YouTube or live. Paul

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I have remembered one of his lines.

(Facing audience with his walking frame. Opening line)

i will tell you what I can’t stand!


I will tell you what. I can’t stand!


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i’ve seen both francesca and jack on the telly.


i’m old enough to remember ian dury and the blockheads.

ian’s good humour was brilliant although he had dark times.

hope this thread keeps going, maybe not as long as brain fog though.

carole x

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Me too !

was this the guy on a TV competition who when told he was the “runner up” retorted “that was a bit harsh”…

If it is - he is very funny, if it is not, Sorry


check him out Jack Carroll Live at the Apollo - YouTube

Yes, I remember getting soaked (by his sweat) every time he moved! Hard working band! I think John Cooper Clark was on too, bit hazy on the detail, just know the other support was 9 piece band, can’t have made much on that tour! £3.75…good value! lol

Jack Caroll was on Britain’s got talent. Thought he was very funny. Mostly about His disability. Very original jokes. Glad to hear he’s continued with his cat. Jen

My favourite variation:

Q: How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Just one - but the lightbulb must sincerely want to be changed.


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I just heard on the radio about a woman who’d had a cataract removed and then discovered that her incontinence pads had a front end.

Yes Mick, that’s jack. Lives just up’t road from me in Halifax


folks thanks for your replies really admire Francesca and jack yes like me life hasn’t given them a golden ticket but they don’t give in . The reason why i was trying to go for the joke element is that my husband has had disability in his family most of his life and i see how they have treated his brother a bit of sit there and we will do it for you, afraid this was the way a lot of disabled people were treated in the past. However now it is the opposite do as much as your body allows you to do , basically right up my street however hubby has OCD so it is a partnership that has now issues as i still wish to do things not obviously not quick enough for hubby , i also do Adult literacy and i am tasked with showing a woman in her eighties how to work a laptop, her family have the attitude she will not do it, she still has her facilities and she told me she managed 80 staff when she worked so i said if you managed to complete this working a laptop is a walk in the park.After leaving her house spoke to the lady working for the charity and said not just me then and her very quick reply was no families want to do things for you however they dont realise they are also taking your liberty. I have had this for 13 years and given hubby every MS book under the sun and he still doesnt get it, so guess he never will.

Get him some divers weights and tie them to one of his legs. Then get him to go shopping and to walk round the supermarket; twice.

When he gets back you can say, “That’s what MS feels like.” (Part 1)

Tried saying what would you feel like if you had what I have and you couldn’t golf and I could answer I would sit in trolley next to you afraid folk like hubby don’t and never will get it

[quote=“trish444”] afraid folk like hubby don’t and never will get it [/quote] Unless youve got it no one really understands how you feel. Theyre all sympathetic and make out they understand but basically you`re on your own and left to get on with it.


I went to the doctors this week.

I staggered in and sat down and the Doctor asked “What`s on your mind then?”

I replied “Lesions”

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[/quote] Many a true word spoken in jest??? Do lesions occur in the thinking part of the brain?