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Following form an earlier thread –

pwms are often described as having a ‘wonderful sense of humour’

Does any one on this site feel they have a ‘wonderful sense of humour?’

If not, why are we often assigned this attribute - is it because people feel better if we are perceived as being happy-clappy types who get everyone rolling in the aisles with their humour?

krak - a miserable git??

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replied to u in another thread before I saw this!

since diagnosis nobody has said that I have a wonderful sense of humour but they have said that I am still as smiley as always.

i was here long before the ms label-I am still me!

U seen the diving bell and the butterfly? Helped me greatly when I suddenly became very disabled and really struggled.



A quick straw poll among my nearest and dearest to enquire whether they thought I had acquired a great sense of humour was met with snorts of laughter. Make of that what you will.



Sue = miserable cow. But with a bizarre sense of what is funny at times. I have certainly never had a GSOH!! Thankfully.


I do believe I have a sense of humour, a sick 1 granted, but 1 none the less.

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The Mog in “mogace” stands for miserable old git, however I do think I have a reasonable sense of humour. I do think I am a bit cynical and enjoy irony. Never have been the life and soul of the party but can be led into school boy sniggering quite easily. I thoroughly enjoy the humour which can be found amongst the wisdom in this forum.


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my sense of humour is quite twisted and often rude but it makes me laugh.

it beats crying anyday

carole x

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now you’ve given me an ear worm

pack up your troubles in yer old kit bag…

you can thank me for this later xx

Hiya, depends on a person’s nature, but if possible, why be a miserable git/cow, life can be miserable without us as weel, I’ve tried to see the funny in any situation since a boy, in fact, still a bhoy, my taste of humour might not suit everyone, but tough sht, I’m happy, better a happy pig in sht than someone who is avoided cos he/she brings other done, all is not doom and gloom, Brian

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I like to think I’m happy go lucky, but my wife thinks I’m a miserable git. Also my daughter just does not get my warped sense of humour. If I had a pound for every “Dad, you’re not funny” comment, I’d be a millionaire by now.


I’m not the life and soul of the party, but I never have been. I do have a sense of humour. It’s a bit warped and twisted, but it’s mine and I like it. Hubby likes it, too, although he winces at some of my jokes. I don’t know what he’s complaining about. His jokes are as bad. It’s one of the reasons we’re together.

I don’t have a wonderful sense of humour - but, as my OH often says, you’d have to laugh or you’d cry. So sometimes I do try and see the funny side - like our drunken stagger when we’re trying to walk linked up - it’s not really funny, but what other option is there?

I cry a lot too though.

Jo also = miserable cow.

I try to wear a chirpy mask, especially at work - because I just don’t want to have the conversation. A bit like saying “I’m fine” when you’re really anything but.

Mine tends to be naughty, hence censoring of Brain Fog, but I’m not by myself, you know who you are!!!

I only say “I’m fine” when I really am fine. Otherwise I say “I’m surviving” and leave it at that.

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I also think I have a good sense of humour…but also have a more serious side.

It`s easier to laugh or smile than cry.

Been in tears today…accidentally caught Sophie under my wheels…oh she did yell, poor little baby.

Hubby gave me a good telling off…I didnt do it on purpose, did I? Luckily no lasting damage.


All sounds pathetic - I know:

Got the OT from the borough council coming tomorrow about getting a special day chair.

They measure you and supply them.

The Community Rehab Team referred me - so I’m getting support with small

everyday matters like seating - being comfortable and avoiding pressure sores etc.,.

The small things count for me. I’m going to buy and over chair table to go with it.

I’m grateful for the NHS support, and I’m going to get a comfy chair.

I’m okay.


I think I have a good sense of humour. These days however it has a bitter ‘side’ to it, if you know what I mean. This bitter side more often than not comes out at work when co-workers are complaining about being “exhausted cos I didn’t sleep well last night”. I really do try not to come out with bitter sounding comments but sometimes (now being one of them) when i’m feeling really REALLY rough i’m afraid my tongue gets the better of me. OOPS

I’ve definitely got an active sense of humour, and I’ll always be on the lookout for the chance to get a laugh. But it’s definitely not something I’ve developed since getting MS. It’s possible I value being able to laugh a lot more since getting ill. What with all the crap we have to put up with, I think I need humour; being able to laugh & make others laugh is like balm for the soul, and I can forget about having MS.


Hi, I was lucky enough to be one of the last to have a bespoke riser recliner chair made for me via an OT and full funding.

The job took a while, but was worth the wait. I sit in it for hours, with no discomfort. It has a JayZee gel support cushion. The total cost was £2,500!!!


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