Human i T

Life goes on. A new day, a new set of problems to solve.

I’m sure all humanity, will feel better once the corrosion is fixed.

The problems will win, if we give up & I’m still alive.

Look after yourselves people. steer clear of the idiots.

There’s Vicks to inhale, food to eat & exercises to be done.

The reason egg heads, can’t change a light bulb is. They think they’re too bright.

Did you hear about the clever scarecrow he was outstanding in his field

Don’t blame me I heard it on tv earlier

X Don


Light hearted humour, keeps the mind from being dragged into oblivion for me.

There’s so many channels of reality, TV & fantasy. It’s all escapism from what’s really going on.

Folks with health problems, seem to have a massive increase in variety. I’m meeting all kinds of people with problems & see their issues coming, from a mile off. We have our own problems to deal with as individuals. There’s just too many.

If I’m having a day of struggling to be active & in good spirits. Hearing about a gas bill, just switches me off. We can only deal with so much crap.

Take it easy Don.

Best regards Terry. Thanks for sharing the joke.