The Goodies

Hi out there fellow strugglers.

I started watching The Goodies this morning & it put me in a great frame of mind.

It’s crazy how this world has become. Feeling lost & bogged down, seems to make us dwell on problems. When we should be enjoying our lives & just getting on with it.

Time to get my spray cans out, turn my synthesisers on, make some tunes & start sculpting. The more I do & interests to learn. The less I get dragged in to the bull crap of each day with MS.

MS is just a problem to deal with & move on.

Take it easy out there folks. devil

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Hi Terry

Nice to see you here again, have a lovely Easter and stay safe.

Pam x

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Happy Easter Pam

Time to Hip Hop

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Hi Puddle. I enjoyed the Goodies too! I’m glad you are focussing on do doing fun things. My favourite comedian and shows is “Ian not a rock star” Tim Hawkins. I’m just diagnosed but waiting on another MRI scan. So still learning the new norm. Take care.

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Hi there Crystal.

It’s a long winded process getting used to the new norm.

Just stay positive & don’t worry.

Best regards Terry

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15th of April 2021. Time is zipping away.

Just brought a second hand Circulation Booster for £30 as my old one stopped working.

Seems it was the plug that had issues. I tried another & it’s working fine.

Back to electrically stimulating them legs into thinking they are running marathons, whilst watching the TV. laugh

Hi Terry. Thank you. Hope you are okay today.

Sounds good Terry.