2019 & doing it my way!

2018 has been a year of control freak friends & family. Telling me what I should be doing & claiming credit for anything positive I’ve been doing for myself. Putting me down every chance they’ve had. So long blood suckers.

Terry is going to continue without their interference & fakery.

Claiming you care for brownie points & doing nothing. Get lost! Spread your BS elsewhere.

All the help I’ve given, free of charge, will be earned in the future.

Take it easy out there folks & all the best to the genuine. You’re a rare breed. You know who you are.

Puddle well said it is amazing that people start talking to you as if you are stupid my husband doesn’t like the new me he says I am cutting myself away from people after 15 years still doesn’t understand my MS

Hi Terry

Hope 2019 is all what you wish for (and more) you just carry on doing things you want to do and the way you want and s*d the rest of them.

Pam x

All the best Pam. Party on…

Let them keep taking the medications.

I brought some red salmon & fresh veg today. Happy 2019 trails.

I`ll keep taking the tablets.

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I already feel like I take too many pills but I don’t think I get the benefit from all of them BUT I’ve tracked down the correct dosage and started on 3 x 100 MG of Biotin a day. Crossing my fingers now but it’s good to feel at least a little control.

Sonia x

I play a fraught game dealing with the do-gooders and the genuines.

Some have a value and need a bit of patronage. I hate being told.

On the bus today, I joked about manipulating the wheelchair whilst the bus was in motion.

“You should wait until the bus stops,” remarked some spikey old battle-axe before pushing past me. She was too important for the inconvenience of the ramp. My gesture to the very patient man behind elicited a chuckle.

Then in the Virgin first class lounge before the train back south, everyone was kind and delightful. I tend to pay the extra to leave space for the prams in standard class.

This year will be good.


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